Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Had A Visitor,,,,,,,In The Middle Of The Night!

I have been using my "Wild Game" camera in the back yard, getting familiar with using it and mostly getting pictures of Bunny Rabbits. However, the other night shortly after midnight, look who was in our back yard.
Mr. Coyote dropped by! He doesn’t look like he is up to any good either! Trying to sneak up on one of the bunnies probably, or maybe a "little kitty". These cameras are neat and not that expensive. If you want to know what is going on around your place when you're not around, just drop by WalMart and pick up one of these. It's called the N6 model and has excellent quality. It tells you at the bottom of the picture what the temperature is, the time and date the picture was taken and the sequential number of the picture.
This is maybe what Mr. Coyote was in search of......

Or this????

I enjoyed everyone's comments on my Black Friday capers. Now that it is over and I look back, I’m glad I did it and I am really having fun playing with my new guns, mounting scopes, etc. Would I do it again? Probably I would.  It was kinda fun and with Ms. Pat, she makes everything more fun. She is so enjoyable to do stuff with. We met some neat people in the lines and had fun discussing with them how NUTS we all were. It would have been more fun if some friends had of been with us but none of them were NUTS enough!! I bet my good friend JRoger would have gone with us….I wished a zillion times that he was there.  JRoger is extremely knowledgeable about guns.....guns of any kind, and ammo, scope’s, etc. etc. I respect his knowledge so much. I know he gets tired of all my questions...I call and email him all the time.

Oh yeah....BTW.....we also heard through the "grapevine" that the kids, Rollie and Gina, and Rollie's sister, Dana and husband Ricky were out even earlier than we were.  See......we're not the only NUTS around here.  :-)

Meanwhile, I’ve got about everything here that was stored running.
First up was the Golf batteries and cables, remove and reseat all the tires and replace the leaking valve it's running really well.   Now Ms. Pat can go to the clubhouse for Line Dancing in any weather with no problem. Golf carts are so cool and quite. There are dozens of them here in the park…

Next was getting out the two Polaris 4X4’s and getting them fired up.  Sometimes this takes a little coaxing, but I usually get them going.  I use heavy SEA FOAM applications in the fuel and up into the carbs when I leave them in storage. That stuff is wonderful....I been using it for over 30 years after my Dad told me about it. Beats anything else like Sta-Bil, etc. that I have used.  Give it a try.  I used to a have to go to NAPA to get it but WalMart is selling it nowadays.  I have seen this stuff clear the lacquered fuel out of a generator that wouldn’t start. I buy it by the case!  My stuff starts up every year, year after year.
My old 2000 Polaris that I’ve had for about 6 years fired right up. It is so dependable, it's unbelievable..  I usually run the carb dry of heavily “Sea Foam” treated fuel when I set them up for storage in the spring. Then when I get here in the winter I have to crank them for a while to get new fuel in, and they fire up every time. We have already been on a couple rides out in the desert. (our backyard).

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We are happy to Welcome 3 new followers:

Bud Rassman
Bill and Cap
Allen and Lolita DuGuay

Glad to have you folks drop by.  Hope you will stop often, and comment when you can or stop and see us if you're in the area.

God Bless you all and safe travels!


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Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

That coyote looked hungry!! Be careful!! Hope he didn't get any of the bunnies!!

Sounds like you are staying busy and having fun!! Keep it up.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Now you have something to use the new gun for coyote hunting..

The Bright's said...

Yikes! I thought that looked more like a wolf. Great camera... but I would hate to see a picture of that coyote attacking a bunny or kitty.

Jan Goldfield said...

I just bought the n6 camera. I need to get a pic of the cougar that roams in the back of our house in Arkansas and this should do it. Thanks.

Allen DuGuay said...

Like your wild game camera, good shot of Mr Coyote. Think I will give that Sea Foam a try in a couple Honda dirt bikes we have before storing them. Thanks for the welcome, we enjoy your blog.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

That camera is great. It looks like the Coyote was posing for you.
Glad you have everything up and running!

Sue and Doug said...

nice to get everything up and going!..I guess if the golf cart doesn't work, Ms. Pat could take the quad to line dancing? :)

Jerry and Suzy said...

We are also NUTS, but not in that way. We enjoyed the peace and quiet of home on Black Friday. Good that you are back in Congress and getting everything back in good shape.

Jeannie and Eldy said...

It's always great to hear about tips for products that really work and do the job! Eldy's son has a camera set up like that in his backyard to watch deer habits. It's amazing! Thanks for sharing....

Al Bossence said...

I like the idea of that camera. Just have to figure out what I could use it for. Going to look into it.