Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not Another Project ?

Putting together a Workbench can’t be hard, can it?   Naw, this is gonna be fun!  Ms. Pat found this workbench on the internet and I liked the looks of it. I needed a workbench for my Reloader since the table I was using was too low.  Friday when we were in the Big City, we went to  look at it…….looked great to me.  This should work fine and luckily, it was “on sale”.  The list price was $230.00 and with the sale and a coupon we had, the total ended up being $130.00.   I couldn’t build one for that!!  So we brought it home. WOW, was it ever HEAVY!  The big healthy boys at the store loaded it into my pickup…..(love that Pickup)

Now getting it unloaded when we got home was only the start of the project. Ms. Pat and I slid it out of the truck bed and let one end down, then the other. That wasn’t bad, now it’s unloaded in the middle of the carport... time to open the box! Ms. Pat was busy, so I told her to get on back to her project and I would handle this…

I don’t know how they get so much packed into these boxes.  I had parts and pieces strung all the way around the carport as I checked to make sure all of the parts were there...Hmmm, let’s see now………Uh Oh, you guessed it, Chinese directions.  I should have known.

There were more "dad gum" pieces than you can believe. Here is one I recognize....the TOP!!  Let’s see where is all this other stuff?   What is this it says here? I went in and told Ms. Pat that it says this is a “two person” job. You have to have a companion!!  Smile

Soon we had the ends fastened to the lower shelf with these special “bolts”.  It took us longer to read and understand how to use them than it did to do it! I should have taken Chinese in school……

Even Ms. Pat gets into reading the directions as we attach the base to the top.  This thing is well built and it is heavy….. I told her, let's not get it backwards because I would like to have the drawers in the FRONT!!   Smile

Hey, lookin' good and so far I’m impressed with it. I don’t need this wood vise that comes with it and I may take it off later..

WOW,!!  Now the drawers……4 of them and a "jillion" pieces...NO KIDDING!   Let's see....where are those directions????  Part #16 fastens to #17 and that fastens to #19 after you first insert #23 and, and.......Hey, there is no number on this one....this is confusing!!! 

Finally about got one done...........,I’m the screwer…..Sad smile 
Ya.... I’m the screwer alright……The "screwer-upper" that is!!  After we got the first one done, it wouldn’t fit and we discovered I had the ends mixed up.   Ms. Pat left me alone for 5 minutes and I screwed it up. :-)  Soooo.....take it apart and start over. Ms. Pat says "stay calm, take a deep breath, we'll get it"..  At least I’m glad we didn’t do them all that way.  It's fun doing this kind of stuff with Ms. Pat, because the more frustrated I get, the more she laughs…then she gets me laughing……Ha ha, it’s a getting all mad and bent out of shape for sure!

Ah Ha, the finished product.  Drawers are on the front and they even WORK. They are felt lined and everything…..I like it.  This should work fine for my Reloading bench.  Now to get it in my shop…..  That’s gonna take some doing, as it’s a MESS!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by………….


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Mike you & Ms Pat make a great team, that bench looks great and the price was right too. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Mike and Pat...Looks like a great workbench and I can't believe that you were able to get that quality of a product for $130. You two did a great job! Pat you are very brave, Tracy normally runs the other way when I start a project like that.:)

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is one nice bench!! It should work great for a reloading bench. I had to chuckle about the Chinese directions. My uncle bought a new tractor from Northern Supply and it was made in China. I had several good laughs when reading the warning stickers posted all over the unit. They had translated from Chinese to English and it was most interesting.
Take care and thanks so much for your blog postings.
Don in Okla.

Allen DuGuay said...

Like your new bench, if we currently were not in the process of downsizing I think that I would like to have one. You and Ms. Pat make a great team on all your projects.

Anonymous said...

Love the bench can I ask where you found it.

Al Bossence said...

Glad it was you putting that Mossmagator together & not me. Might have got it out of the box but that's about as far as I would have got. I think patience is 95% of the battle. I'd better just stick to putting square things in round holes......

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

WOW...what a great price. It looks like Ms. Pat was doing all the work...LOL Looks like a great workbench. Don't forget to share with us your first project using it. ~wheresweaver

René and Jeanette Genereux said...

Nice looking workbench. It was worth the effort, so it now seems!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Very nice workbench. I don't think I'll let DH see it, he'd want one for sure.

Elaine said...

laughter is the worlds best medicine...:) what a team you two make...have a super weekend

Phyllis said...

As others have remarked - a great bench at a great price. Overall, the bigger cost was the frustration. But all that is behind you now.