Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bayfield Bunch.

Yep, Monday was the day.  The Bayfield’s are coming, the Bayfield’s are coming.  Hip, hip, hurray!! The Bayfield's are coming!!
Sure enough, right after lunch I looked up and I saw the Bayfield Bunch in the drive. We were so excited to finally get to meet Al and Kelly of Bayfield, Ontario Canada. Al is well known in the Blogger world and he and I have been contacting one another for several years. But this was our first meeting face to face. Al has a wonderful way with words and even a more wonderful way with a camera. Never has a better Blog hit the Internet than Al’s. Bar none!! He is my favorite and I read his Blog every morning first thing.

This is an insert from Al’s own profile:
                     “Kelly & Al are a quiet couple who live with their dogs in a cozy mobile home in the 5 Seasons Resort on the outskirts of Bayfield, Ontario Canada. We travel to the American Southwest in our motorhome during the winter months. I am a quiet sort of fellow who prefers to walk his own path and not bother anyone along the way”

Al and I have always hit it off together. Mainly because I think we are a lot alike in many ways, but still different. He is just one guy that I feel I could trust in every way. He says what he feels and if you don’t agree, that’s fine. but still he is a very caring guy and would do anything for a friend.
As Al stepped out of his Jeep, a big wind gust came up and his hat flew off.  I was close by and I just reached out and caught it.  I handed it to him and said HELLO, as we shook hands. Right away, I knew a hand shake with this guy wasn’t enough. We had a great big, respectable HUG!!  Now I don’t hug many guys.....only the ones that have crept in this cold, old heart of mine.  Al is one of those guys.  I felt as if we had been friends for years.  Well.....I guess we had!!

Soon we were all sitting inside our porch and here Ms. Pat is explaining that after me talking about Al so much, she decided to check his Blog out herself. Now she reads his work every morning and is hooked.
Kelly is herself a spark of pleasantness and her and Ms. Pat hit it right off…….. 
P1030092 P1030094
What a wonderful couple these two are.  It's easy to see how they compliment each other so well....just like Ms. Pat and myself.  Both Al and I would be the first to admit that it is these two Gals that keep us “Rollin”!!Winking smile

All too soon it was time for the Bayfield Bunch to head for home. The wind was blowing 30+ mph and they needed to get home to check on their motorhome.  To say that we enjoyed our time spent with these two fine RV’ers from that great land way up North, would be an understatement for sure!!
Thank you so much Al and Kelly for stopping by our place to visit.  It is truly an honor.  We sure hope there is some way we can entice you to come back and also to come to our “other”  piece of Heaven in the great Black Hills of South Dakota.  Our doors are always open to special friends like you.

It is a GREAT WEEK !!!!

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!


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Allen DuGuay said...

Nice to see you got to meet up with Al and Kelly. One of our favorite blogs to follow along with also. Wishing you and Ms. Pat a great week!

Sue and Doug said...

it is indeed like we are all 'famous' in our own little blog world! great to finally meet someone you felt like already knew!..the joy was 'oozing ' from you words!!...
I had someone say to me that all those blogs you read?..those people are just will never meet them..they don't care about's just mindless drivel!..don't waste your time..get out and live your life!!..
well, you have just proven how reading someone's blog is like having a conversation and finally after a few years of reading the words you get to actually put a voice to the is indeed special!!
have a great day!!..and thanks for the smile this morning!!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

What a wonderful meet up. It looks like you guys had a great visit. to bad they could have stayed longer. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Mike - Sounds like a great time was had by all! It was sure fun for me to read both sides of the encounter on both of your Blogs, which I think are both great! I sure like the pictures of your house, it sure looks inviting and the type of place where Tracy and I could settle down to in our retirement years. Have a great week.

Nan said...

What a fun time. So happy that you all were able to meet.

butterbean carpenter said...

Howdy Pat & Mike,
I'm so glad the Bayfield Bunch came by your place and you got you a big
Canadian hug!! I read your blog all of the time and every time I see the boys pics my heart just melts for y'all.. Our prayers are always with y'all..

Bev and Jim said...

Ditto your blog! Al and Kelly are indeed a special couple! Maybe...they'll find that special oasis nearby....

Al Bossence said...

Hey Mike, the checks in the mail:))))

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

What a special get together!! Charley and I also keep up with The Bayfield Bunch. Hopefully we will be able to meet them down the road one day!!

Bruce said...

Glad you had a chance to finally meet face to face. I too follow their blog and find it well written and interesting.