Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rollie and Gina Are Seeing the World!

Rollie and Gina,,,Formal night on Cruise Nov 2011
Everyone is always asking, where are Rollie and Gina? This Blog is dedicated to them and to let everyone know that there are doing GREAT!

Several months ago Rollie was offered a job. Although he wasn’t looking for a job, it was an offer he just couldn’t refuse and was with a firm that he had previously done a lot of work for and knew very well. The job was in Houston and he could be home to Denham Springs in Lousiana every weekend.  He loves the work and felt it was an opportunity from Heaven and was too good to pass up.  To say that the job paid exceptionally well is a great understatement.

Recently his work has required that he do some work overseas in Europe. He was allowed to take Gina with him and they are having the time of their lives. They have sent many pictures of their trip and experiences in such places as London, Paris, Rome, Venice and lots more I can't remember.  They were planning on spending their 30TH Wedding Anniversary here in Arizona and have their Vows renewed at our local Church in Wickenburg by our Pastor “Dean” whom they fell in love with when they were here with is before.  However, this wonderful trip has understandingly taken precedence.   Renewing their vows here by Pastor Dean will be done in the future.


This is one of the first pictures they sent us.  They were taking the train to downtown Paris.   Although their Internet connections are not so good and it's impossible to use their cell phones, they have kept in constant contact with us.  I would like to share their latest email. It was sent on their 30TH Anniversary and gives you a feeling of the excitement they are experiencing.

Mom & Pops,
Thank you for the Happy Anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful day in Venice and took an hour long gondola ride. Truly a memory to last a lifetime. We are now in Rome and about to head out for some more sightseeing. Our hotel is right across the street from the coliseum. Our window is less than a hundred yards from it. The view is wonderful. We took a fast train from Florence to Rome yesterday at 160 mph. It's not the fastest but it was pretty fast. I know this is short but we need to get sightseeing. We love and miss y'all.
Love and Hugs,
Your kids

As most of you know, we have adopted these kids as our own and they have likewise adopted us.  We so much enjoy them both and will always thank our Heavenly Father for putting them in our life.  We truly love them as our own.  We, like you, miss them terribly and they are so busy they have suspended their Blog.  They have a new First granddaughter, Abigail, presented to them by their son Thomas and daughter-in-law Ashley and have just found out that their daughter Ashley (yes, that's right, there are two Ashleys in their family now) is going to soon present them with a granddaughter, Jolee Adair, in a few weeks.   Thomas is in the Marine Corps in California and Ashley is in New Jersey about to become a Doctor.    So yes, their lives are quite full at this time. However, the fact that they take the time to keep in contact with us means so much to us both and we are so happy for them.

We also have a couple of other kids who are celebrating Anniversaries.  Happy 30TH Anniversary to daughter Lisa and son-in-law Randy in Florida and Happy 27TH to son Pat and daughter-in-law Michelle in Lake Havasu just down the road.  Lisa and Randy are planning a trip to Hawaii later this year to celebrate their anniversary and hopefully they'll send us lots of pictures while they're there to share with you.  We don't know what Pat and Michelle have planned since they have twin granddaughters on the way pretty soon. I bet they will be Huggin Granddaughters by then, as their Anniversary isn't until August. The Twins (whom they won't tell us the names of yet...:-) will be a couple months old by then....  But, anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY kids and we love you all very much.
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by…….

Mike  (aka Pops)

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a nice post. They both look so happy. What a great way to spend their 30th anniversary. Great post. ~wheresweaver

Sue and Doug said...

your life is indeed 'full'!..happy anniversary to everyone!.nice to hear about Gina and Rollie!!

Bruce said...

That is a nice positive thing to happen to them. Thanks for reporting. You guys sure do live a cool lifestyle.

Elaine said...

nice to see gina and rollie are having a blast seeing the world...altho retired if we were offered a job thats too good to pass up then for sure we'd grab it especially if it that those kind of perks...happy anniversary to are all blessed :)

Al Bossence said...

We never did get to meet Gina & Rollie but maybe one of these days, maybe next winter, they will come wandering back to North Ranch:))