Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arizona Storm

Storm near Wickenburg July 2012
I subscribe to a link from ABC channel 15 in Phoenix, so they send me news flashes by email. I received this picture in one of those News Flashes. The caption under the picture stated “ Chad Haring sends us this picture of the storm from near Wickenburg, AZ.” It took my eye because Chad is a fellow I know and Wickenburg is just a few miles from where we live. Chad’s nick name is South Dakota Slim and he came from the Rapid City, SD area. He also owns a Foretravel and a PressurePro system.

I had heard that there was a pretty serious storm that passed through the area leaving several inches of rain. Heavy rain in that area always causes flooding.   That always makes us wonder how our place weathered the storm. We have friends (Paul and Nancy) that keep a close eye on it and we knew if something happened, we would hear from them.

Our place July 16, 2012
Shortly after that, I received an email and the above picture from a fellow Blogger and RV’er, “Retired Rod”.   They own a house in Mesa and were out driving around the area after the storm.  They ended up at North Ranch and snapped this picture and sent it to us.   Isn’t all this technology wonderful?  WOW!!!    It was so great receiving a picture of our house that we hadn’t seen since we left about 2 months ago. We were shocked to see how much the two trees in the front had grown.  I trimmed those to a good 6’ from the ground just before we left.  Look at them now… Unbelievable!!  While Rod was in the area, he also stopped up in Congress and took a picture of Al and Kelly's house (the Bayfield Bunch).    Thank you so much Rod....very thoughtful of you.
Every morning at 7:00 am, we head out to the beautiful Stockade Lake area and get our walk in. What a beautiful place to walk and it's only 3 miles from our house. We have some pretty steep hills to walk, so it gives our heart and muscles a jump start for the day.  It’s a nice challenge.  Nice flat, walking areas bore me but a hill or two will break that boredom real quick.

The above link is a good example of what a trained citizen can do when involved in a death defying situation. I hope you can view the video. This robbery took place in Ocala, Florida at an Internet cafe. Ocala is not considered a high crime area. So you can see these things can happen anywhere. I admire this gentleman's courage and ability. Notice that after he is done shooting at the subjects and they are gone, he immediately removes his finger from the trigger of his gun.. If more of these hoodlums ran into an armed civilian with that kind of training, there might be less of this kind of foolishness.  Take our guns away and see how these type occurrences run rapid…. just my feelings and opinion, others may differ….

Ms. Pat has been missing her Line Dancing. She couldn’t find any place out here that had any line dance classes during the summer, so what does she do? She proceeds to go the the YMCA in town. She spoke with the managers and gets permission to start Line Dancing classes there at the “Y”.   So, this morning is her first class and she is excited to see how many have signed up. She may be dancing all by herself, but she says that’s OK.  But I just bet that’s not the case, especially after the word gets out a little.
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We are so excited, my Son Patrick is headed up to spend the weekend with us.  That is a great treat….. I can hardly wait to see him.

We just found out there is a fire in Custer State Park that has consumed about 50 acres and is still 0% contained.  Here is a link to the Rapid City Journal article:  Fire

Thanks for stopping by as we continue to Thank our Father in Heaven for all he has blessed us with.


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Sue and Doug said...

that is quite the storm picture from Wickenburg!..modern technology is a wonderful thing..being able to see your house through the wonders of the internet?..
enjoy your week..hope Ms.Pat's line dancing class is full!!

Bob said...

What were those two nit-wits thinking? Well, considering what they have to think with, maybe that's a dumb question.
In a room with ten Floridians, there's bound to be at least ONE of them that's packing!
I had to chuckle when they were falling over each other as the old Dude was popping slugs into their hind ends.
Thanks for that, that made my day.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

That sky looks very nasty indeed!
That photo is lovely. Your place looks like a postcard!
Missed Stockade Lake for a hike but not sure we could fit in one more thing while we were there.
Way to go Ms. Pat. I would sign up for your class any day! Enjoy your new career...teaching.

Anonymous said...

Your trees are so pretty. What kind are they? They must be fast growing. We live in se az and I would love to plant trees that would grow fast.
Thanks for your interesting blogs.

Al Bossence said...

Know what you mean about walking on flat surfaces being kinda boring. Takes some hills to rev up the excitement a bit. We have been missing our morning walk due to heat, humidity, & biting flys. Nice of Rod to take a few pics for us guys eh. We have a neighbor keeping an eye on our place & he did a walk through the other day saying one room had a slight wet spot. Wished I could take a drive down there, but it's just toooooo far:((

Elaine said...

glad to see your house is safe and sound beautiful storm picture-apparently those fools were NOT thinking at all.....

Karyn-Lee said...

What a great video to share, thank you! I am all for carrying a fire arm to protect yourself and obviously this man knew how to use it.
More people like him are needed for sure. He's definitely brave and a hero!!


Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Loved your post today!! So much news to report!! Hope the fires in Custer State Park are contained soon. We love that place!!

Also love your home in AZ. I agree that it looks like a postcard picture!!

And enjoy your time with your son. Family means so much.

Tell Ms. Pat to enjoy her line dancing classes too!!

Stay safe and watch out for the fires!!