Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Buffalo Roundup 2012

Monday was the annual Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park. So bright and early, just as the sun was coming up, we found ourselves headed to the Buffalo viewing area on the Wildlife loop.  The line was a good 5 miles long but most of the time it was moving right along.

It was a beautiful clear brisk morning and the colors were outstanding………

As we approached the South Viewing area, many of the people were already there and had been for hours.  We like the South side best, as you get to see the buffalo come down from the hills. It amazes me how this event has grown, from a crowd of just a couple thousand, to a crowd that was somewhere between !4,000 and 16,000.

Everybody was getting excited now at the first site of a horseback rider on the horizon.  See him on top of the hill? There must be Buffalo up there somewhere, soon to be coming into view..

Now they have them all pushed down from the Hills and will bring them right up close to us and into the corrals..


They are getting closer! That is the news media set up with all the cameras.

Approximately 1400 Buffalo being herded right before our eyes,,  You can smell the dust and feel the power! No where else in this world can you experience an event like this!!

This is my favorite picture......only in America and only in the Black Hills!!

The final group go into the large holding pen just outside the corrals. This picture shows the North viewing area.  Just look at all the people….  and this isn’t even half of them.  Here's a short video from the 2011 Roundup.  2011 Buffalo Roundup  

This is a picture of Gregg in the “crow’s nest” above the chutes where the Buffalo will be worked.  The calves will be branded and the young bulls tested and any other treatment needed. This is also where they are sorted for the Big Buffalo Auction that is held in November. 

Ms. Pat and Bonnie are on the “cat walk” above the chutes watching for the Buffalo to be pushed through those trees and into the pens. They are standing above the pen where the baby calves will be branded and vaccinated.  It was a long, busy day and even though we got back home shortly after 1:00 pm, I was bushed.

Tomorrow is our departure day.. We have been busy loading everything up and winterizing our summer cabin. We are so thankful for all the wonderful help Gregg and Bonnie have been in all this preparation and loading.  It is work!! Plus Gregg has polished and cleaned everything we own.  He loves to polish, and of course, I love to let him!! He did the entire Motorhome, including the roof, both the old and the new pickup trucks, my Harley and even his own truck and 5th wheel.  I don't know where he gets all the energy and I don’t know how we could have done all this without them…

Later this morning, we will blow out all the water pipes and close the cabin up for the winter.  Then Thursday morning, if everything goes as planned, we will be “on the road again”! Praise the Lord!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!      

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed going to the Roundup with us as much as we enjoyed going. 


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Sue and Doug said...

the Buffalo roundup has sure grown into quite the 'event' we will have to put on our list of 'must see's!

where's weaver said...

Look how beautiful those trees are! That area is just going to be a picture postcard in another week.

WOW...what a wonderful time you two had. We would love to see this event.

Safe travels dear friends. And yes, it is good to Praise the Lord always and forever!

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

I have never seen anything like the Buffalo Roundup, thanks for sharing those amazing pictures and safe and enjoyable travels. It will be nice to have you back in Arizona!

Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

A roundup like that would truly be a site to behold. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

DeeBev said...

Well--son of a gun--I didn't realize when I worked at TRNP and we did our buffalo roundup that it was a major significant event! ;-)It's nice to see them using riders rather than helicopters and being mindful that riders are at risk. Nice photos and kudos to Custer SP for being able to incorporate a viewing audience!

Betty Graffis said...

Wow! I've seen Buffalo up close and personal but nothing like this. It feels like something right out of the old west (except for the nice trucks) We'll have to put that on our bucket list. To see the buffalo, the rolling hills, the beautiful trees and the beautiful skys with the whispy clouds, God is truly an Awesome God!!
Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

They are magnificent animals, thanks for sharing.

I hope they all go to good new owners and pastures, and those that are used for meat are treated humanely.

Happy Trails, Penny.

René and Jeanette Genereux said...

That was some crowd and some round up. I can see why the event would draw such a crowd. Like JB said, it sure reminds one of the old, wild west! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Al Bossence said...

That Buffalo roundup would be quite a thing to see in person. All the best on the road & safe travels across the country......

Rod Ivers said...

I'm old and slow, darned good thing they don't do people round up.. Maybe just hide out way far away in the park. Do they go hunt for stragglers?

Elaine said...

wow what a blog and what great pictures....that is awesome and amazing...we would love to see that truly are blessed....

Jeannie and Eldy said...

We always wanted to see the roundup but have never been there at the right time of year. Thanks so much for sharing this. It looks very very cool!