Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunday Was a Busy Day!

Sunday after Church we decided to go up to Rapid City and do a few things we had been talking and thinking about. The thing that got me real interested in going was a Gun Show but it only lasted until 3pm, so we had to rush. We arrived before 1pm and easily had time to browse all the tables and look at the goodies.  Guns, Guns and more Guns, plus everything else you could imagine. I managed to purchase only one item, a leather holster. However, I enjoyed looking at all the firearms and stuff and even saw a couple friends.

As soon as we got out of the Gun Show, we did a little shopping and shortly it was time for us to head to the Movie Theater.  We went to see the movie “2016”.  WOW, a very interesting movie to say the least! I promised myself I would never get into politics in this Blog, so I will just say that if you haven’t seen the movie, maybe you should.

When we got out of the Movie Theater, we were hungry and, of course, Ms. Pat and I miss our "Seafood". So we headed to about the only recourse for Seafood in the Black Hills, that being the “Red Lobster”. Now in Ms. Pats home area of Tallahassee, Florida, Red Lobster doesn’t even qualify for a decent Seafood Restaurant but here in this dry land you can’t be choosy. The place was packed and after over a 30 minute wait, we were escorted to our seats and enjoyed  a few Shrimp.

When we got out of the Restaurant it was beginning to get dark and I could only wish that I was home in my recliner.  I was I handed the keys to Gregg and he got us home safe and sound.  It doesn’t seem we are ever out after dark anymore.  It seemed strange but does give away our age I guess. I was happy to get home but it had been a Super Day! We accomplished a lot in just one day…..Church, a Gun Show, a Movie and then a Seafood Dinner with the company of our great friends Gregg and Bonnie. Wow, that’s about a week or more accomplishments for us!! (would you believe a month’s?)

North Ranch Sept 2012
We are so sad that our good friends and North Ranch neighbors Paul and Nancy couldn’t make it out to see us this summer. They had planned on being here with us right now and go see the World renown “Buffalo Roundup” with us.  Paul wrote me and sent a picture of our place at North Ranch so we could see how much the trees have grown.  Ignore the date on the is not correct.

WOW!! I was shocked to see how much our tree’s had grown in just 3-1/2 months! I had those tree’s trimmed so they were over 6’ from the ground.  Unbelievable!  However, Paul said they had been having a lot of moisture the last couple months..  Thanks so much for the picture Paul. We called “Les”, our yard guy, and asked him to go trim them and clean the place up a little.   We should be there in about 6 weeks.  We sure miss you, Paul and Nancy, and wish you were here but we will look forward to seeing you soon. Hopefully you can make it next summer!

A lot of people commented on how much they liked  Gregg and Bonnie's Flag and wanted to know where they got it. They bought theirs at a flea market in the south Texas town of Donna. Now that’s a far piece for most folks, so we researched and asked everyone else to let us know if they could find a place where it could be ordered. Several of you sent me links to different flag sales places but just last night someone sent me to a link for one just like theirs.  Here it is:    USA/CANADA FLAG   Where else but right on good ole' eBay!!

Thanks to “yabuddy” for sending that to us. Now you know where you can get one, so you better get it ordered before it's time to head out for the winter…..

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  We are ONE WEEK from departure date!!!  Ms. Pat tells me to not get all stressed out about it but you know, even after all these years of doing it, I still get mighty excited!!


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Jim and Sandie said...

Don't rush to get down here. 102 yesterday and for a few days more. Thought about you as we zipped on past Congress. My hubby is from VA and let me tell you, even in land locked MT, he still won't go to Red Lobster. lol

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said... two did have a big day.
I can't image that Red Lobster would even think of opening a place in Florida. I can see why Ms. Pat wouldn't even think of going there when in Florida. There must be only about 100,000 other sea food places.

Al Bossence said...

I thought that was a nice idea combining the two flags so I blogged about it Wednesday night. Geeeezzzz, did that ever open up the proverbial can of flag worms again. I'm just sitting here shaking my head........And wow, have those trees ever grown fast in your North Ranch yard. I remember them from when we were there last March. Not being a Seafood guy I will never have to worry about standing in a Red Lobster line up:))