Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clear The Barn.....Time for the EOS PARTY!!

Ms. Pat told me to "Clear The Barn",  it's time for our “End Of Season” Party….   So we moved out the Pickup, and the 4 wheelers and set up the chairs…… Ms. Megabyte2 even got to help.
We got the FOOD tables all set up and Ms. Pat had the famous “Gina Special” Taco Soup cooking all day in her crock pot.  Boy, it was smelling good.  We’re gonna have a PARTY!!

At 4 pm sharp, the friends began arriving and bringing food of all types.  Some delicious stuff!!  The chairs were all filled up, except for one. Poor Bonnie has not been feeling well at all and she just couldn’t make it.  Sure hope she gets to feeling better…
After Happy Hour, the food was served.  Here is Bob, Gregg, Larry and yours truly chowing down on Ms. Pats Taco Soup…  It was all “Oh So Good”!

Then it was time for some EOS serious conversation.  Here is LeeAnn, Shirley, Michal, Ms. Pat and Geri discussing something interesting.

JRoger, see your Buffalo Skull hanging up on the wall? I’m wondering how in the world I am ever going to get it transported all the way to Florida to you without breaking it. Don’t worry, we will get it there, even if Ms. Pat has to hold it on her lap!!Smile

Here is Larry, John, Bob, Gregg and Larry#2 all listening to each others interesting tales of the great times they had in the Black Hills this summer!

I told you I would show you a picture of the painted shed today, so Gregg put the finishing touches on the trim after we got the second coat on the sides…….

Now here is the finished product……..WOW, it looks superb!! Even better than I expected…. Thank You so much Gregg for your BIG part in getting this “project” completed. I couldn’t have done it without you…

The paint matches so well and it looks GREAT.  Ms. Pat and I are so happy and proud of it, along with our new Porch….  Boy, we have completed a lot this summer……..

It looks so nice, I almost hate to leave………….. But time keeps marching on. Next week at this time, we will be preparing to attend the big Buffalo Roundup on Monday the 24TH. After that, we will soon be ready to head South…..

I had so many compliments and comments on Gregg and Bonnie’s FLAG, along with requests as to where one like it can be purchased, I wanted to mention that they purchased it at the Don-Wes Flea market in Donna, TX. We have all googled and searched and searched for a place that sold them and haven’t come up with one yet. We found some with the American Flag on the top half and the Canadian Flag on the bottom, but we all prefer one like theirs. How about it, has anyone out there found a place where this exact type Flag can be ordered? If so, let us know....if worse comes to worse, we can send some of our good friends down at Retama in Mission, TX. over to the Donna Flea Market to pick up a few……

 It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thank You all so much for stopping by, We hope you will stop back again soon. We continue to give our Father in Heaven our praise for his many blessings….

Travel Safe.....


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Brenda Brown said...

Your place look wonderful. Thank you so much for doing the research on the Flag for us Mike. I have some Retama connections so that is a big help.

Take Care

Al Bossence said...

If you end up getting someone to make a 'flag run' we would be interested in getting one for sure. Yep, the paint job looks like Rembrandt himself did it...:))

TravelBug-Susan said...

Great shindig.

Enjoy the Buffalo Roundup and the trip south.

Safe travels, y'all.


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Looks like an awesome EOS party. Love that taco soup!

The shed looks great. Good job boys.

Anonymous said...

Here is where you can get the combined us/canadian flag. $24.95 for 3x5 flag.

Elaine said...

whats better than an EOS looks great...looks like a good time was had by all :)

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Your shed & porch both look great. Hard to believe it's the end of the season already. Seemed like it was the "never-ending summer." Menard's is advertising snow-blowers so guess that's what we have to look forward to. -grin-

CANUSA said...


As usual a great blog. Always enjoy your narration of events. Glad to be a part of your projects.


Sue and Doug said...

nice day for a party!!..and the Taco Soup looked delicious!!

SkippyMom said...

What a great party and the front of the house and shed look FABULOUS!