Sunday, January 20, 2013

What, another Quilter in the Family?

When I came into the house from my gun shop, I was quite amused to see Megabyte2 so deeply engrossed in Ms. Pats sewing on her latest quilt project.  She just loves to watch the sewing machine work.

It's funny how she sometimes stands up and lays her ears back as if to say, “Oh No Mom, you made a mistake”!! Neither of us realized what a personality these pets can have. She has certainly become so much a part of our life that I can’t imagine what we would do without her. I continually thank God for having Scott send her to us.  Just think, I didn’t even used to like Cats very well.  I bet “Scooter” is sure smiling down upon us right now. Thank you Son.

Our Church had a big dinner Thursday evening.  It is called the "Legacy Banquet: Honoring and Serving our Widows".  It is for older folks that have lost their spouses or for some reason it is difficult for them to get out alone. They asked us be Ms Eva's chaperone and escort her to the Banquet.  Here we are with Ms Eva just before dinner was served.  Wow, I don’t get out much anymore, especially after dark.

If you think I look as if I’m not too comfortable, you would be thinking right!  But I did enjoy being out with these two "Lovely Ladies". This is the second year we have taken Ms Eva on a "dinner date". She is a great lady and a joy to be around.  She owns a beautiful home here in Wickenburg and has an RV that she leaves in Oregon, where she spends her summers.

Our friends and neighbors Paul and Nancy from North Ranch were there, too. I don’t believe Paul looks a bit more comfortable than I did. But we had fun, didn’t we Paul?

This was our table and the rest of the folks that we sat with. The Church and the tables were set up beautifully. They didn’t serve the dinner until 7 pm.  Wow, we usually eat at 5 pm and you know how us old folks get "set in our ways".  However, the dinner was great, I have to admit, but I was glad to get home.  We didn’t get home until 9pm and I haven’t driven after dark for a while but we made it safe and sound.  I went straight to bed, watched 5 minutes of the Fox news and was sound asleep....ZZZZZZZ. 

Not much exciting around here to Blog about, as you can tell. The weather did turn off beautiful and has been getting up close to the 70’s in the afternoons. We sure appreciate that!

About a year ago I made a little airplane trip with Duane. To check that blog out, click here:

"There I was at the Wickenburg AIRPORT"

A lot of folks are over at Quartzsite at all the different annual RV get togethers in that area but soon it will be time for the yearly “Boot Camp” held right here at North Ranch. A lot of them will be headed back this way and the campground will be full so if you plan on coming, better get here a few days early.  Here is the info on that and we hope you can drop by.

Escapees Boot Camp
Fri, 2/1 thru Sun, 2/3, in Activities Center.
Provides fundamentals for road safety, technical proficiency, and confidence for RVers.

Call (888)757-2582 for info.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and hurry on back anytime.


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Al Bossence said...

Know what you mean by being uncomfortable in them there kind of duds alright. I don't mind being out after dark but I just don't got no good darn reason for being out after dark anymore. Darn!! Some animals definately do have human like personalities & especially cats & dogs. Yep, sure nice to feel these warmer temperatures down here on the valley floor. Think I'll go plant an ice cream tree:))

where's weaver said...

We're right with you two also. We don't know what we will do without Miss Bella. They just bring so much love, laughter and fun to our lives.

What a wonderful program your church does for the windows. I may recommend this to our church. We do have a widows' support group that gets together once a month. They have so much fun.

You may not like that suit, Mike. But you sure do look handsome in it.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hey Mike you sure do cleanup really well, Ms Pat always is sharp too. Looks like you all had a fun night out to dinner at the church.Be safe out there, glad it's warming up for you. Sam & Donna...

Sue and Doug said...

nice that Ms.Pat has a quilting 'helper'!

Janna and Mike said...

Emmi likes to help me quilt too. Your both looked mighty spiffy in your church duds!

TravelBug-Susan said...

Ms. Megabyte wants to be Pat's assistant!

Unknown said...

Looks like they did a very nice job with that meal. What a thoughtful idea to do so for the widows/widowers.

Nan said...

Hey! we like your shirt!