Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy ST. Patrick’s Day !!

ST. Patrick’s Day has special meanings for us…. A true Irish Blessing.

It was on St. Patrick’s Day back in 2010 that we had some special guests. Rollie and Gina were visiting their son, Thomas, in California and we asked them to bring us two cases of the famous “Two Buck Chuck” wine from California. They planned on dropping off the wine and visit us a couple days before they continued on home to Louisiana. Little did we all know that God had other plans! Plans that we will be grateful for the rest of our lives. That two day visit turned into two months and we became family. We had just purchased our first house in 16 years and with Rollie and Gina’s help, it turned into our “Dream House”. 

A few days later we took them on their first 4-wheeler trip in the desert.

They had a “ball” as we showed them some of our favorite spots..

Gina took the ATV places she never ever thought she would go! Smile

You can tell she is enjoying herself as we explore Box Canyon.

Gina says “I can’t make it up that”!

"Sure you can", Rollie tells her, "Piece of cake"!

Up she went!!! What a wonderful day that was.

A “bond” was developing between us like we had not experienced before. This relationship definitely was planned and developed in Heaven!  Shortly thereafter, Gina and Rollie announced that they were going to adopt us and call us Mom and Pops. We graciously accepted their adoption and that of course made them “Our Kids”.  And what wonderful kids they are. The help, support and fellowship that came about during that two months and the years after, is truly unbelievable. We could never have made that move into our new house as easily as we did without them.  Words just can’t describe it.

Gina had a “plan” for our new front yard........

With her determination, concentration and a LOT of hard work, she made it happen.

Rollie told me “When Gina has a plan, Pops, it's best to just stay out of her way, follow orders and let her do her thing”! Smile Smile  The beautiful change they made to this place was unbelievable!!   See all those Rosemary bushes?  They ALL came OUT.   That alone was some kind of a job and what a difference it made.  This all took place before we even started on the inside of the house.

My blog is getting much too long and I could go on forever.  However, I will save that for another time.  I’m sure you can see why St. Patrick's Day is special around here. 

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

God Bless and thanks for stopping by……  


Guns welcome

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Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

I can see why St. Patrick's Day is special to you. Thanks for sharing it with us and have a great week.

Bruce said...

Sometimes special relationships just seem to happen and so enrich our lives that words fail to describe them. You have done a more than adequate job of describing a very special relationship. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Love your post Mike & Pat. I can see why St. Patrick is special to you all. What wonderful friends.


Unknown said...

I love your post Mike and Pate. I can see why St. Patrick's Day is so special to you. What wonderful frinds you have.


Unknown said...

I love your post Pat & Mike. I can see why St. Patrick's Day is so special to you. What wonderful friends you have.


Denis and Sandy Letendre said...

What a wonderful way to spend time with friends. We used to go ATVing when we had a house in Mt St Anne, Quebec and I loved it.
The hike looked fun and a little challenging ... good for you!
Happy St. Patrick's Day

Al Bossence said...

Sure wished we had been in the neighborhood when you took those Rosemary shrubs out. I would have had them in the ground so fast over here they wouldn't even have known they had moved.

Allen DuGuay said...

Enjoyed the post. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you and Ms. Pat

Sue and Doug said...

Gina and Rollie are just as lucky to have found the two of you! Happy St Patrick's Day to you and Ms. Pat!

DeeBev said...

Great post and wonderful photos! You captured what is great about the traveling lifestyle..meeting special folks! We wish you well with your Dr. appointments and pray that whatever is tried, provides comfort and relief. The Happy Hatter