Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time to CHANGE….

Most of this week, so far, has been used up changing over to shooting 9mm bullets and giving the 1911, .45’s a rest for while. Sunday after Church, we stopped and picked up the mail and the 9mm barrel for Ms. Pats Glock had arrived. That was what I was waiting for.....the barrel for my Glock had arrived a couple weeks ago.

We started out last winter shooting .40 S&W bullets in our Glocks and had shot about 5000 rounds when we closed up and went north to our place in Custer, SD.  During the summer, I purchased our Ruger 1911 .45 ACP pistols and when we got back down here to AZ, I changed the reloading press over to .45 cal from the .40 cal.  We have shot about 5000 rounds through the .45’s so far and decided it would be fun to change over to 9mm. Just by purchasing a 9mm barrel and some 9mm magazines I could change both our Glocks over from .40mm to 9mm. The barrels are just a “drop in” switch.

Then, I began the task of changing my Dillon RL550B Reloader over 9mm. It took me most of the afternoon but by Monday morning, I was ready to begin loading the 9mm's. I quickly loaded a few and ran out in the desert and tried them in our guns. They cycled beautifully and the load (powder) seemed to be about right at 4 grains of Unique powder.

Ms. Pat came home from dancing shortly after 11am Monday morning and we had to rush the Silverado up to Prescott for a much needed oil change..  It was late when we got home and I wanted to load some more 9mm's for Ms. Pat to shoot at her Tuesday Ladies shooting class but I was just too tired to be loading ammo.

I got up and started loading early the next morning when I was all rested up and fresh. I loaded 100 rounds and at 11am we headed out to the Range for her class. All the rounds fired off successfully and Ms. Pat is trying to get familiar with her Glock again. The trigger pull is a lot different on the Glock compared to the 1911 and it takes some getting used to. 

Tuesday evening our good friends Ron and Barb from Mission TX arrived to spend some time with us while working a Good Guys Custom Car Show in Scottsdale. They are independent distributors for Dri Wash n' Guard products and will have a Vendor booth at the car show this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If you're in that area and love old cars, stop by and say Hi to Ron and Barb. Plus if you need any of the GREAT Dri Wash products, just stop by and pick them some postage and I assure you that you won't find a better polish anywhere, nor an easier one to install. We don't sell it, but we sure use it....

We parked their big 40+ ft.; motor coach in the front yard, just a tad late for our 4:00 Happy Hour, but we went ahead and had it anyhow.Smile  Larry and Geri came down and we had a gala affair. Ms. Pat announced she had some "pulled pork" and all the trimmings ready for us to eat.  Geri brought some delicious cold slaw to add to the feast.  WOW, it was a busy but great day!

Now I have Ms Pat's gun to clean and 200 more bullets to load for us to be prepared for the Thursday morning pistol we have a Dentist appointment this afternoon.  I better get movin!!

Are we busy?  Naw, that’s just the normal activities around here, never a dull moment. I was so busy I forgot to take any pictures.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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KarenInTheWoods said...

Love how you keep yourself so busy when retired. and how you had to RUSH to get into town for the oil change. LOL. Life is good.

Karen and Steve
The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the retired life and this great weather. Keep it up!

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

It's a good thing you can do reloading. The way things are going with the ammunition shortages, you'll probably be the only person left with any ammo in the whole country! ;c)

Nan said...

And what do you do with all your spare time???