Sunday, March 2, 2008

It was a BUSY----WEEK !!!!!!!

Boy, some weeks there is so much to do its hard to get it all done. But we try and do we have a BALL doing it. NEVER a dull moment around here !!!!

Monday we had Dr. appointments in Phoenix and the first one was at 9:30, so we had to get started early. It's 50 miles to Phoenix and you never know what traffic you will run into. We had a million errands to run and we were hopping around like mad. We got it all done and at the same time, made our usual stops at Sam's, Wally's, Home Depot, The Motorcycle Shop, Trader Joe's and most Important this time for Ms Pat was the Lazy Boy Furniture Store. She got to LOOK for her Love Seat to replace the Sofa from the Teton that we put in our Coach House at Retama Village in Texas. ALAS, she found just the one that she wanted.......finally!!! But we had to take a piece of the material home to make sure the color would be OK.

This is the one she chose. Both sides recline and it is a wall hugger. I have to admit, it's pretty nice. Pretty nice PRICE tag too!!! :-(

Tuesday, our neighbors, Paul and Nancy Wilson asked us if we wanted to take a day trip out into the desert on the 4 wheelers. We enjoy that so much, we were really looking forward to it and the weather has been out of this world. Paul and Nancy even have an extra 4 wheeler for Pat to ride. Now you can't ask for anything better than that. So at 9 am we took off. The BLM property surrounding North Ranch RV park is VAST ! It goes for miles and miles in all directions. That's one of the reasons we love this place so much. Paul and Nancy have lived here for a long time and now stay here year around. They have made a million trips into this desert and know it like they know the back of their hand. That makes it GREAT !!!!,,,,,,its like having a private personal guide each time we go out. We spent most of the day enjoying the spring desert and had a super time.

Here we all stopped to stretch our legs and enjoy a little "chat" and a snack. It's about the only time we have to visit and I enjoy finding out about the area and stopping to smell the CLEAN---CLEAR air.....

This land just goes on and on forever. This shot is looking back towards North Ranch. If you click on the picture and enlarge it, I think you will see the RVs at North Ranch just at the base of the mountain on the left,,,,,,,way back there.

It has been an unusually wet fall here and the rains have brightened up the Desert like nothing you have ever seen!!! It's really GREEN and soon everything will BURST into bloom. It's a pretty sight.

That's Round Mountain in the background on the top. We are on the far side of it and on the bottom we're on the other "near" side of it.....The picture on the right is a place that is Paul and Nancy's favorite. It is high up and has a GREAT view in all directions. They enjoy it so much "someone" erected this BENCH that you can see in the lower right of the picture just for them. Looking the other way, you have a superb view of the sunsets........Now if we could just get out here at sunset sometime and watch it,,,,,,,I'll bet it is GREAT!!!! At sunset, I'm played out!!!!! Now how 'bout sunrise ? !!!!!!

We made it home just about in time for "happy hour", tired, a little stiff from driving the Polaris all day,,,,,,,but HAPPY!!!!! Another GREAT DAY!!!!

Wednesday Pat had a Dr apt in Wickenburg and I spent a lot of the day doing what I enjoy. Working on my truck!!! I put a new fuel filter and housing with new check valves and fuel sensor. We will see if that helps my problem with the engine stopping after it starts the first couple times.........Hope so!! Then about "happy hour" (i.e. 4pm) Pats daughter Terri and Grandson Jeremy arrived. They were on their way from Calif to Florida and were able to stop and see us. What a delight to see them.

They had to continue on the next morning, but we are so happy they got to stop by......Terri is a travelling medical professional working for the CDC and she only had a few days between "stands". She travels back and forth across the USA with a medical team doing research for the CDC. They furnish her a company car, pay for her lodging and food and pay her a salary to boot. Needless to say, she LOVES her job!!! Jeremy flew out to California from Tallahassee to keep her company on the drive back across country. She will spend a few days in Tallahasse taking care of some business and then be on her way to her next stand in Charlotte, NC.

Thursday I went in and got a haircut after seeing Terri and Jeremy off and shortly after I got home,,,,,,,,,,,,,our old Custer State Park friends Kay and Loretta Schwedhelm stopped and visited us. Man,,don't you just love this life? Its so good to see friends that you worked with and got to know along the way!!!!!

After a few other projects, it was time to get ready for the upcoming annual North Ranch RV Park Garage Sale....SATURDAY

On Thursday afternoon at 2pm, I like to go up to the Clubhouse and listen to the local "Jammers".............They play all kinds of instruments and sing.......Some GREAT talent....

Then home for HAPPY HOUR,,,,,,,at 4pm.

What a HARD life!!!!!!!! :-)

We demonstrated the PressurePro Tire Monitoring System to a lot of local lot owners that were interested and several said they would come back and get a system. Sold some Dri-Wash Auto and RV Polish and visited with many of our friends and neighbors.........

The weather has been just SUPER!!!!! 5o deg nights and 70-77 deg days with no wind or humidity are the reason we come to this wonderful place in the spring!!!! You can't beat it!!!!!

Now it's off to Church...................

Hope you all had a good week. See ya all next week. Take care and remember ENJOY LIFE!!!!

Its a ONE time deal!!!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!!!!


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