Sunday, June 22, 2008

STORM-STORM-STORM, rain-rain-rain !!

WOW!!!, we are enjoying the Black Hills, but this year has been something else. Some days we have had 3 storms in one day!! Hard winds and hard rain each time. Yes and HAIL also!! Each time it seems to hail a little. So far, we have been lucky and just "marble" and "nickle" size and not big or hard enough to damage anything....Thank GOD!!! Each time it starts to hail, it brings Pat and I to our knees! Back in 1995, we had $8,000.00 damage to our BRAND NEW 1 ton tow truck. It only had 6000 miles on it.......It made us sick!!! So HAIL scares the HAIL out of us!!!

This was taken on the First Day of Summer, 2008. Hail was a couple inches deep in places. Temperature that morning was 39 deg when we got up, but soon it got up to 77 . Perfect weather,,,for me,,,,,minus the HAIL!!!

The GOOD NEWS is, the Drought seems to be over. The streams, creeks and lakes are almost full. We haven't seen that for several years.........Fish HERE WE COME!!!!

PressurePro systems sold like HOT CAKES last week!!!! WOW, thanks folks!!!! Keep telling your friends and neighbors how neat it is to know the pressure in your tires at ALL TIMES. We shipped out 10 systems to addresses all over the US and Canada. Calif to NY.

Bob and Molly Pinner called and told us they were coming to our area and they wanted a PressurePro system for their Monaco Coach and toad. We had met these folks at Nick's Gypsy Journal Rally in Casa Grande, AZ last Feb. They had decided to get a system from us at the RV-Dreams rally in Branson, MO. this month and we weren't able to be there. So they came on up here to get it. When you come to us, let me tell you we will bring it to you and SHOW YOU how to install it. It was great meeting and spending some time with these neat folks. They are just starting the Full timing thing and having a ball. They also got a contract on their house while they were in the area.....CONGRATULATION'S guys, lets hope it goes through!! They were impressed with the Black Hills,,, hope they come back soon.....they are on their way to the Escapade....Enjoy that new PressurePro system!!
Here is Bob and Molly's Blog

We received another PressurePro order yesterday that will go out Monday, from our good friends and fellow HDT'ers and Retama Village neighbors Jim and Hazel Brumfield. (HOGRYDR on the SKP forum) Jim has had the Smart Tire pressure monitoring system for a while and decided to go with the BEST !!! What a NICE order that was,,,,,,,,Jim has 16 tires to monitor. Thanks MUCH Jim, you will enjoy the system and we will be right here 24/7 for any problems, help or assistance you might need..........Mighty nice talking to you....

Here is: Jim's Photo Album Looking forward to seeing you at the HDT rally, Jim & Hazel.

Molly and Bob Pinner came out to see our little spot on the hill while they were here and they loved the view. Molly suggested I stand in my Teton doorway and take a picture of it and put it on the Blog. So here it is Molly!! The view is much better than the picture.

Click on picture to enlarge it....

Most of you know that I was raised on my folks cattle ranch just 140 miles south of here. During my younger years, I used to get up here once in a while and it was always my dream to have a little spot up here and live on it... This is a DREAM come true!!! The Lord has been good to me!

This is probably the GREATEST place we could be. Especially right now during this hard and trying time. I used to dream of Scott owning this property one day and sitting here just as I am, enjoying it. I had discussed that with him....

Well I believe he is already here. I talk to him many times a day. I know he is in a better place now and enjoying it, I just miss him and it's so hard to believe he is gone. Sometimes I break up or choke up, but I understand that's part of the natural process of grieving a loved one. Time will help, but if I choke up when talking with you, don't be surprised and don't feel bad about it. I need to talk about him and it comforts me/us when you give us your support and understanding. Thank you all so much!!

It's been a GREAT WEEK !!!!!

Travel Safe. Stop and see us!!!!

See ya next week!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY to Ms Terry Russell of the Gypsy Journal ! I know another guy that has a birthday on this very same DAY!!! His name is Mike,,,,,,,, ;-) . June 22, a GREAT day !!

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Mike, sorry, our internet is on again, off again, but want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Hope things are slowly getting better for you.