Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great BUSY week !!

This week was one of those BUSY weeks that you meet yourself coming and going!!

Monday we got up early and headed down to Alliance, Nebr to get our pickup and boat out of storage. I hadn't taken it out the last two summers because the lakes were so low it was almost impossible to fish in them. But this year has been a WET one and I hear the fishing is GOOD. Pat and I are ones that don't like to pass up any good fishing!!!

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The Ole Pickup fired right up and we brought it the 140 miles up to our place in Custer. Now to get all the dust blown off, oil changed and ready to fish!!

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Tuesday morning early our great friends and the Pastor of our church called and ask if we would like to go fishing with them for the day!!! It looked like the makings of a BEAUTIFUL day. I have learned to NEVER pass up an invitation to go fishing. Pat told them "of course". It wasn't long before we were buying night crawlers and headed south about 40 miles to our FAVORITE fishing lake, ANGOSTURA Reservoir. Here is a picture of their neat fishing rig.......Let's get it in that water!!!!HOT DOG!!! I'm ready to fish!!

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Meet Neal and Deb Hughes. What FINE folks!! We had a WONDERFUL day fishing. Here we are at about 3:00pm, wore out!!

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I hadn't been fishing for so long I hardly remembered how! But we hadn't been out long when I tore into this NICE 24" Walleye. WOW!! That was fun,,,,,what a way to start the season. Pat caught a couple of nice 17" Walleyes and a small mouth Bass. Neal & Deb caught their share of nice Walleye, too. We even had to throw back a bunch of Walleye that didn't quite make the 14" length requirement.

Now that was a SUCCESSFUL day!!! Thanks Neal and Deb, boy you guys are FUN to fish with!!!

Wednesday we both had a dentist appointments in Deadwood, about 50 miles North of us. So it was up and at'em again early for that and on to Rapid City afterwards for a FULL day of shopping and getting supplies. While in town we stopped and talked to a contractor about building us a metal building at our property in Custer.....Humm, interesting..would sure be nice. Gotta think about this,,,$$$

Thursday we received a call from Allan and Jeanne Webster and they wanted a PressurePro Tire Monitoring System. They attended the RV Dreams Rally and are on their way to the Escapade in Gillette, WY. They were staying over near Hermosa, about 30 miles east of us in the Heartland RV park. So we ran the system over to them and helped them install it. More nice RV'n folks....we meet more neat people in this kind of lifestyle. Isn't it great!! They are/were from Alabama and have been full timing since May and loving it.......The system went on smooth and we were on our way. (forgot to get a picture of these folks,,,darn!:>(

Back up to Rapid City. Need to talk to this guy again about this building a little more......?????questions!!! When we got home we had orders for two more PressurePro systems and a Repeater to get in the mail....Got 'er done just in time for HAPPY HOUR!!!!:>) Whew!!!

Friday I spent a hard day getting my boat ready to go. It hadn't had any attention for a while, so it needed a lot. Put on 2 new tires and repainted the wheels, charged the batteries, serviced out the motor and actually got it to run for a spell. Everything I have is OLD, but it is GOOD!!!

Whew, now I was really wore out, even a little late for HAPPY HOUR. But its never too late!!

Later we watched the movie "Bucket List". What a great movie!!! Check it out if you haven't seen it. The cancer thing kinda struck home right at the moment, as it's a lot of what Scott went through. But it was a neat movie and I'm not a movie fan, but I enjoyed it.

Saturday we planned on a nice hike in the park, then a Motorcycle ride out to see Dick and Shirley Peer. They are our neighbors at Retama Village RV Park in Mission, TX and are out here in CUSTER STATE PARK campground hosting......

But, it was cool and windy and soon turned VERY smoky and we were beat from a long week, so we just hung out.......a lazy day!!!

Plus today(Saturday) June the 28Th, is Scott's birthday. He would have been 47 today. I had a little problem staying focused and had many, many flashbacks of him throughout the day. I guess there will be days like that and I need to learn to cope with it. But gee I miss him, can't get around that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT!!, love you man!! You will always be in my heart.

We found out all the heavy smoke that filled the hills today blew in all the way from either Calif or Canada. Who knows, just glad it wasn't any local fires!! So far its been quite wet and the fire danger is moderate to low in the area.......That's good!!!

Sunday. So today its off to Church and maybe we'll get that bike ride in today....who knows?

It looks like a super day!!

See ya all next week. Thanks for dropping by.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

Stay SAFE!!!
(and love those kids)


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