Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve 2008,,,,Mission, TX

We can smell the food cooking now. Tomorrow is a BIG DAY!! Some call it "Turkey Day". About 20 - 30 of our friends will be gathering for Thanksgiving Dinner. The gals have been grocery shopping every day for 3 days. They will spend the next day and a half preparing their "speciality dishes".

We will have 3 turkeys....2 Deep Fried and 1 Roasted. Jim Brumfield has volunteered to deep fry 2 of the turkeys. He had a "test run" a couple of days ago and asked us if we would like to sample the finished product. He gave us a leg and thigh and BOY...WAS IT GOOD!! That wet my appetite, as if it needed wetting! Wish you all could be here with us. We'll be thinking of you....
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Bob and Molly Pinner ..................... (bob & Molly's Blog)

Meanwhile, I would like to ask all of you to direct some special prayers to a young Mother that is extremely ill with Leukemia. Kristy is the niece of our RV'ing friends Bob and Molly Pinner. I follow Kristy's Blog, posted by her family very, closely every day. For nearly a year, Kristy has been fighting this dreadful form of cancer......... How well we know what she is going through. It's so hard to know what to say,,,,,,but I know how tired she is of fighting this battle. She needs everyone's prayers and support. I see her going through so many of the things that Scott went through....

Please take a moment from your busy schedule these holidays and follow along with Kristy and help her fight this battle. Right now she is battling some new complications ,,,,,,,,,,,My heart hurts so much for her,,,,,,,,,,Thanksgiving will be tough for her and her family. I pray that she gets better and is soon back with her family. She is now seeking a second bone marrow transplant........ Please GOD be with her and guide her through this tough time.

We have SO MUCH to be thankful for!!! I count my blessings and wish you all the best.

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It is a GREAT WEEK !!!!



Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike and Pat, we have so many things to be thankful for, and so many friends and friends of friends and family members to be praying for. We'll certainly add Kristie to our list!

Jerry and Suzy

Bob and Molly said...

Mike & Pat...
Kathryn wanted me to tell you that we lost Kristy last night around midnight...she isn't suffering anymore but it sure is hard.
Thanks so much for your prayers and support.