Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We have a neighbor here at North Ranch RV Park near Congress, AZ. that has a couple of Beer Can Airplanes in his front yard that I think are neat. The one below also has a Beer Can Cactus behind it.

This is a Tri-wing....

Now that's a different use for empty Aluminum Cans......

Can you believe that tomorrow is the LAST day of April,,,,,,,? Where time goes is beyond me, but it sure flies by! A customer ordered a PressurePro System from us yesterday and he was located,,,,,of all places, Custer, SD. We asked him how the weather was,,,,,guess we shouldn't have asked. He said there was 6" of snow and as it melted, it was a muddy mess. We plan on heading up there in a week...hope it dries up before we get there. I wouldn't want to get stuck on our property.

It continues to get quieter and quieter here as folks continue to pull out headed to all different destinations for their summer. Soon we will be on the road ourselves, headed north up through Monument Valley in Utah,,,,,,then on over to Moab, over into Colorado to Rifle, then north to Craig. We know this route well and really enjoy it, managing to see something different each trip and it's excellent road. I'm thinking of taking a little different route from Craig over to Steamboat Springs then over to Cheyenne, Wyo and on north to Custer. It may take us a few days, because if we see something we want to check out, we just do it.....

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!

Stay HEALTHY!!!!


PressurePro Tip of the week: Remember, if you want to change the pressure in your tires, just remove the Sensor from that wheel, raise or lower the air pressure to where you want it and as long as the Sensor was OFF for 6o seconds or more, screw it back on and within a minute the Monitor will show you your NEW set pressure. Its that SIMPLE,,,no reprogramming necessary.
If you have questions or a problem, give us a call,,,,,,7 days a week,,,7am to 7pm.850-294-0281

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Carol said...

Love the beer can creations!!! We have a friend in Walsenburg that does stuff with "stuff". Hope that mud does clear up before you get snow here for over a week and 1/2---YAY!!! How is the kitty?? Hugs to both of you from both of us....:)+

Jerry and Suzy said...

Who drank all the beer?

Your trip north sounds delightful and full of natural wonder. We'd love to be going with you!

Debbie Goode said...

Beer Can Art--what a great country we live in! Here's wishing you a safe and happy trip back to South Dakota.

kathy said...

Hi Mike and Pat
Loved the picture of the beer can art. I would like to make a beer can cactus. Could you send instructions?