Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ty Murray-------The KING!!!

Ty Murray is the modern day King of The Cowboys........He is also my king. I have been following Ty for a good many years. However, I was ever so surprised to see him show up on Dancing with the Stars!!! Anywhere but Dancing with the stars! Not TY,,,,,Yep, sure enough, that's him!!!

Now, I'm not a big fan of Dancing with the Stars,,,,,,Well, I like the girls OK, but it bores me pretty quickly. I was flipping channels one night a few weeks ago when I caught a glimpse of TY MURRAY.......Whoa,,,,hold on, that's not TY MURRAY,,,,,,,,the King of the Cowboys on there "dancing" is it? I had to see that!!! How in the world did they ever talk him into doing that???

I saw this kid "top" a good many bucking broncs and bulls, but never thought I'd see him on this show. In watching, I could tell from the expression on his face that he would probably be much, more comfortable on the worst "Bucking, Snorting, Kicking Bull" in any Rodeo string than up there Dancing with the Stars. I could almost hear him saying "How did I ever let them talk me into this"! "What was I thinkin'?" I'm surprised he made it through the first round, but he's made it several rounds. I was sure he was going to be voted off last night,,,,,but he wasn't, he's still in there.

This "kid", is only 39 years old, born and raised right here in Phoenix and has been riding bucking stock since he was two years old. His Dad was also a Rodeo hand, as was his Mother. Ty was instrumental in starting the PBR TV bull riding events show and is currently President of the Company. He has won 7 "All Around World Champion Cowboy" titles and was the youngest "Millionaire" in Rodeo at age 23. His career earnings in Rodeo is over 3 million dollars... He's had reconstructive surgery on both knees and both shoulders and received a broken jaw bone. At age 39, he is officially retired from Rodeo competition and lives with his beautiful country singer wife Jewel Kilcher on a 2100+ acre ranch in Texas.

If you haven't been watching Dancing with the Stars, take a look at this Ole' Cowboy and you will see what I'm talking about. All I can say is "Go get'em Ty and keep on Spurring"!!! However, I really feel that he wouldn't mind losing a bit!!! He's not ONE bit comfortable up there!!!! How long can he HOLD ON?

It was 100 deg yesterday in Phoenix for the first time this year and it was 93 here at North Ranch. However, with 3% humidity, you didn't notice the heat at all. Get in the shade and it was cool! We are starting to get things rounded up to head out of here in about 2 weeks, with May 7TH as our targeted departure date... Time flies!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, you gave us a real belly laugh this morning! We never (nearly never) watch Dancing, but we'll have to give it a shot if we can find it.

I'll bet Ty ain't wearin' his cowboy duds while dancing.

Budd Nash said...

Actually, Mike, I was not interested in "dancing" until the season that John Ratzenberger was a celebrity contestant.

Once we watched how the experience changed him from having a short timer's attitude at the beginning to being a real competitor, I realized that this was not just a bling-and-"thing" show.

In the several seasons since then, I have watched it mature celebrity kids into focused workers and competitors. I have seen people, like Ty, with no possible background in elegant expression, learn entirely new skills and develop a confident competance in showmanship and personal expression.

Sure, when Ty opens his mouth, I still see what looks like H. Ross Perot causht in the headlights like a deer. Still, I have far more admiration for someone that ignores the Familar to engage the frightenly unfamiliar and rise to own it.

Ty has clearly held his own in what initially appeared to be an easy second round eliminated contestant.

How much of the show is just hype and how much is heroes is something that I really don't know nor do I really care.

What I do believe is that Ty IS what "Dancing wih the Stars" is really about. Ducks out of water who learn that they can fly, too.

Ty and a few others like him, inspired me (a confirmed non-dancer) to take dance lessons (see my blog for more details: and we are really having a great time learning a new skill.

Carol said...

Emery, that is really cool about your taking the lessons. We started watching DANCIN' 3 seasons ago after we watched a FINALE. Our daughter had been telling us that we would enjoy it and she is absolutely right. I think that Ty has held on this long because of all of the great PBR fans that are voting for him (we would but we watch it the day after). He has done a great job and hope he keeps going. He has some pretty stiff competition!

I do think too that it can be life changing. That guy Steve-O is in rehab right now and I think that this experience has been a real ego booster for someone who apparently has been "down and out" for some time. We loved it when we saw him and Woz sitting together the other night. And Woz? Just to think the courage he had to show up and try to dance!!!

We are finding, as we get older, that some diversification in our TV watching isn't all bad!!!!

Love the portrait of Ty, Mike. And as always, love your post! I have a good one coming up on Saturday! :)+

Debbie Goode said...

I sure hope his knees hang in there--I'm sure he is ready to adopt the Country Western Song, "What was I thinking!" as his 'theme' song at this point....maybe he and his partner could dance to that song---wouldn't that be a 'hoot'!!