Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You want some SWAMP WATER?

NO, it's not an APRIL FOOL joke!!!! The "Swamp Water" that Joanne mentions in the shout box on the right side of my Blog is FOR REAL. Let me tell you about it.

When we were in Florida last October at my friend John Palmer's Solar Farm, John and some others were drinking "Swamp Water". I, of course, was curious about it and asked John what it was. John handed me a bottle and said "here try it". Well, I'll try about anything ONCE, so I opened the bottle and took a swig.... WOW, that's neat stuff. Now what the "heck" is it?

Those of you that know John Palmer of Palmer Energy Systems of Lake City, FL., know that John is quite a "jokester" and if he tells you something and has a smile on his face, you better be careful! In my book, he is about the BEST solar guy in the country, but he has been known to pull more than one prank in his day.

John told me that they go down to the swamp and dip this water out and bottle it and have found it to be quite tasty and even healthy. He said it will heal ANYTHING!! I've known him for several years and I knew he was, of course, pulling my leg.:-) John was drinking the "stuff", so I knew it wouldn't kill ya' and I kept on drinking until the bottle was gone. I kidded John a little and told him "Gee, I feel immediately WONDERFUL and HEALTHY"! I really did like the stuff, but couldn't help wondering what it was that I just drank! I knew that now wasn't the time to ask John what was in it, because what he would tell me would be FAR from the truth!

Some time later, when John was in a more serious mood, he asked me "Did you really like that Swamp Juice"? I told him, "Yes I did, it was good" and he immediately told me what it had in it.
He takes a bottle of water, puts a little Honey in it, some Apple Cider vinegar and a dab of Ginger. I asked how much of each and he said you just adjust it to your taste. I told Pat that I thought it was a great, refreshing drink and would encourage us to drink more water as everyone should. We keep a few of the 16 oz bottles of water in the refer most of the time, so she took out a couple and mixed up some SWAMP WATER. She HATED it!!!!! Didn't want any more!! I really enjoyed it and have been drinking 1 or 2 bottles a day since. I had Pat adjust the ingredients a little to my preference, as I don't like anything sweet, so we cut down on the Honey. But I love Vinegar,,,,,i.e., pickle juice, pepper juice, etc., so we increased the Vinegar some.

I will admit, most people turn their nose up at it and don't even want to try it. But both Nick and Joanne were game enough to take a "swig". They both made a face and politely said they preferred "plain" water. So, if you're weird like me, you might give it a shot. Who knows?? You might like SWAMP JUICE. I sure do!!!

I hope I haven't left you with a "sour" taste in your mouth (-: but that's about it for today. We are busy enjoying our friends that are visiting. Nick and Joanne headed back to Calif yesterday AM and about 3:30 PM our friends Dave and Lois Brown stopped by. They spend winters in Yuma, AZ and are slowly headed back to their home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Due to the bad weather up North, they aren't in a big hurry and will be around for a couple days before they head on to see kids in Oklahoma and Kansas......

I just checked and it's 13 deg in both Rapid City and Custer this morning and the second blizzard in a week just passed through and dropped over a foot of snow. I-90 and I-29 are still closed...... They have had some kind of a bad winter and now I hear another storm is headed their way.

Time to again give THANKS for our wonderful lifestyle..........

Take care and where ever you are.... no matter the weather,,,,,,,,be SAFE!!!!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

PS. Let me know what you think of the "swamp juice",,,,,,that is IF,,,,you have nerve enough to try it! LOL ;-)

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Jerry and Suzy said...

Not likely to try swamp juice, but thanks for the suggestion. We were swapping food ideas with friends yesterday. He was talking about liking a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had to tell him about our favorite: peanut butter and onion. You slather one piece of bread with a generous dose of peanut butter, the other slice with mayonnhaise (we use light mayo). Plop down a hefty slice of onion (preferably a sweet onion, but regular is good too), sprinkle a little salt on the onion (go easy on the salt) and assemble the sandwich for a real tast treat. It must be accompanied by a glass of milk.

Thry that one, if you will!

Debbie Goode said...

We were brave enough to try the 'swamp water' and found it to be quite tasty....thanks for the hospitality we enjoyed our visit with you both.....

Carol said...

Hey Mike. Don't get your hopes up on a daily blog!!! I just happened to have some things to report FOR A CHANGE! Sorry you can't watch the videos but understand. Bruce thought you might particularly like the "Junior" one. We got a DishTV bill a couple of months ago for nearly $400---charged for a DVR that we had turned in and it hadn't gotten recorded. Nearly gave me a heart attack but alas, the credit was given and all was well. Hugs to both of ya! :)+