Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ANOTHER Cat Picture,,,,,,

Can you STAND yet another "CAT" picture? My friend Ron Tietsort, the head Law Enforcement Ranger at Custer State Park in South Dakota, sent me this picture of a "CAT" that was taken by his field camera... (click to enlarge)

Thanks Ron, that is a neat picture! Turkey season just opened in the area and Ron tells me that there aren't a lot of hunters out due to the weather and heavy snow but he did see 3 Lions on opening day!! Wow, they are getting mighty plentiful. Kinda scary for all the hikers, including us. They don't normally bother people, but as they get used to them, that is bound to change. They have a Lion hunting season every year that keeps them thinned somewhat, but there sure are a lot of sightings anymore. Some even in towns, so they are getting braver and braver!!! I'll start making sure I have my side arm when out and about...

Lots of other things are beginning to happen in Custer State Park. I just received the enclosed notice from the Game, Fish and Parks:

First Buffalo Calf of the Season Spotted at Custer State Park

CUSTER, S.D. - The first buffalo calf of the spring in Custer State Park was spotted on April 11, 2009. Ron Tietsort, Conservation Officer for Custer State Park, saw the buffalo calf in the south end of the park near the west end of the Wildlife Loop Road.
"Spring is a perfect time to view wildlife in the park and with the recent moisture, everything is greening up," said Chad Kramer, buffalo herd manager. "Deer, antelope, turkey and buffalo can be seen throughout the park right now. Some herds of elk have recently been spotted along Iron Mountain Road in the mornings and late afternoons."
Visitors are advised to leave buffalo calves alone. It can be dangerous to approach baby animals, particularly buffalo calves. If a mother buffalo feels she or her calf is threatened, she may charge.
"Occasionally, people will think a buffalo calf has been orphaned and try to rescue it," said Kramer. "This is rarely true; buffalo may roam up to one mile from their calves and come back later for them."
Most buffalo calves are born in May, but around 10 to 20 percent arrive in April at Custer State Park.
For additional information on Custer State Park, please contact the park at (605) 255-4515 or visit
As most of you know Ms Pat and I worked every summer for 10 years for the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, 9 of those years was in Custer State Park as Law Enforcement Rangers. What a wonderful place to work!!! We enjoyed every day of it!!!

I always enjoyed the baby Buffalo calves. We had the privilege of driving through the herd almost every day. It kinda reminded me of back home on my parents ranch. We didn't usually start at the park until the first part of May. There were always plenty of baby calves by then. They are sure fun to watch as they jump and run and play, just like little kids. There are several hundred of them born each spring.....If you are looking for a beautiful place to spend a few days or weeks, the Black Hills has a lot to offer. Mt Rushmore National Monument, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, Deadwood, lots of hiking trails, trout fishing and much more. You can spend weeks there and still not see everything. Also, let us recommend the Broken Arrow Campground as a place to stay. It is just down the road from our place and the owners, Larry and Geri, will make you feel right at home.
Bet you can tell that Ms Pat and I are beginning to get the "call of the Hills" can't you? Yep, we are getting anxious..... By this time next month we should be there!!
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!!!
Travel safe!!!
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Carol said...

that picture is scarey. one time when we were up really early for Bruce to take me to the airport in Alamosa to fly up to Denver we had a cat in our headlights running down the road in front of us. they are beautiful and fast! enjoy your time in the warmth! :)+

Jerry and Suzy said...

Hi, Mike and Pat! Ooooo, what a CAT! Gotta stay close to home if you live in South Dakota!

Unknown said...

Oh I love that cat!

pam ridgely said...

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...... : )

Ellie and Jim said...

Great Blog Mike...We'll be @ Broken Arrow the 16th of June...I'll grill something for you & Pat...Travel Safe and Hugs to you both....Jim & Ellie

Debbie Goode said...

I hope we get the chance to get back to SD this summer.....such a beautiful place....