Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting settled on our lot in Mission, TX.

We are now on our lot at Retama Village in Mission, Tx. and will be here until the first week in Feb 2010. Since we have a lot of new readers (194 last Wed), I thought I would show a few pictures of our place in Texas.

This was back in May of 2007 when they began work on the lot we purchased. We headed on North to  the Black Hills of South Dakota shortly after these 2 pictures were taken.
The Clubhouse was just barely started then. We were anxious to see what it would look like when we returned in October.Posted by Picasa
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Here we are on the lot when we came back in October of '07 and it was all completed. As you can see we fill it up!!!  That's OK, there are 14 other BIG Trucks owned by friends of ours located in the Park and we won't always be this big. One of these days we have to start downsizing!!

This is the front of the Clubhouse when it was all completed... WOW, it's even nicer than we imagined.

This is the front gate and that is the clubhouse in the background...

In the back of the clubhouse is this Outdoor Kitchen and Dining area, fully equipped!!!

Looking at the Pool and Hot Tub area from the Outdoor Kitchen.

This is the entrance to the Pool and Outdoor Kitchen and Patio area.

The Pool and the Hot Tub...

We have an excellent exercise room right off the pool....with nice equipment.. Inside the Clubhouse there is a Pool Room with 2 Pool Tables.   Pat and I try to shoot a couple games of Rotation Pool every afternoon. Once in a while I even beat her, but not very often, she is an excellent Pool player.

Almost every night after dark, Pat and I go over and enjoy the Hot Tub.... it feels so GOOD!!! This picture was taken in Jan of last winter.  We almost always have the place all to ourselves.. Interestingly the water in both the Pool and the Hot Tub is all Salt Water......

This is the inside of our 12X20 Coach House.  We hurried up and got ours finished off inside... it has a full bath, wet bar and hide-a-way bed.  So we can have overnight guests, come on down!  It's a little warm right now, but in Nov, Dec and Jan, it will be superb!!!

So we're roughin' it down here in South Texas and have been here a week today. The last few days we have begun our usual routine,,,,,,up at 4 am.  Pat goes over to the exercise room for about an hour while I'm finishing up on my computer and publishing this Blog. About 7am (before daylight) we begin our 4 mile walk in the Bentsen State Park Bird Sanctuary that is adjacent to the Resort. It usually takes a few minutes over an hour. That's about the same routine we have everywhere we live....trying our best to stay Healthy, Fit and Happy. So far so good!!

If you get down our way, be sure to give us a call........

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you all again Wednesday...

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

You do have a beautiful park there! We aren't ready for a longer jaunt yet, but your invitation is mighty tempting!

Unknown said...

Ahhh, Mike, you are making Phil and I homesick. Especially since we have had snow twice already up here in North Dakota!

Rick said...

Looks like a great place, Mike - thanks for the tour. Having the coach house is kind of nice too. That swimming pool complex looks pretty tempting!

squawmama said...

Wow that really is a great park... Maybe we will be able to stop by when we are there after the 1st of January... If we don't catch you then we'll be in Custer the first of May... Have fun and enjoy!

Travel Safe

Nick Russell said...

We enjoyed our visit last year. The clubhouse was certainly inmpressive! Enjoy yourselves.

Carol said...

how is Miss Mega doing? does she seem to recognize home? glad that you are all settled in. i have to laugh at your 4 o'clock get up time. my mother always wondered why we got up so early! :)+

Hot Tubs, Saunas, Steam Rooms said...

That place looks lovely! Perhaps the hot tub and pool use salt water as a means of sanitation? Not sure, just a guess!

There is nothing more relaxing than a dip in a hot tub, maybe after spending some time in that nice gym area? Hot water and bubbles are the best way to loosen up sore muscles.

I hope you guys enjoy, it looks like a great place to be!