Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time to Hit the Road again!!!

Although there were several of us already at the HDT Rally here in Hutchinson, KS, on Sunday they started arriving in bunches!  Here are 3 Rigs lined up waiting to get parked and another was still out on the road waiting to get in. We quickly found them a place to park near the rest of the group. We had an excellent turn out (about 30-31) and the Rally was officially underway Sunday evening with a big Pizza party!!

Monday and Tuesday were filled with Seminars of interest to Big Rig owners and 12-13 Newbee's who are looking for a good safe truck to tow with.  Our good friends, Jack and Danielle Mayer, had to close up the campground in Woodland Park, CO and were a little late getting here.  They arrived on Monday. 

We have been extremely busy putting PressurePro Tire Monitoring Systems on several rigs.  Monday morning we gave our Seminar and had our display table set up.  We enjoy talking to everyone and answering any questions about Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems..

We really lucked out by getting here early.   As luck would have it, there were two other clubs having Rallies here unbeknown to us.....the Holiday Rambler folks and the Monaco Motorhome Club.  We sold several PressurePro systems to members of those Rallies.  We nearly SOLD OUT and had to have an overnight shipment sent to the RV Park in Texas.!!!!!  Much better than we planned on!!!  What a pleasant surprise....I love it!!! This product is so wonderful it sells itself....and it is an outstanding safety item. It is our feeling that no one should drive an RV rig without some kind of Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

Last night was the BBQ dinner and it was mighty tasty!!! It was our last night as we are leaving the Rally early. This morning we are heading for the RV-Dreams Rally near San Antonio, TX. which is about 700 miles from here. We will drive as far as we can today and hope we can make it somewhere around Fort Worth, (about 400 miles) then continue on in and arrive at Buckhorn Lake RV Park as early as possible on Thursday. Our Seminar is scheduled for Friday.   This is what happens when two of our favorite Rallies are scheduled at the same time.  It's tough to make it to both, but we have many friends and customers at both places. We feel it is worth the effort and after they are over, we can slow down for a while.  Right now we are going in about 4 directions at the same time.  Let's hope we have good travel weather (rain is forecast) and don't have any hard winds or travel problems. With the Lord's blessing we will make it just fine.

By this time next week we will be relaxing in the 90* + weather in Mission TX at Retama Village with more of our friends.  I can feel the pleasures of the Hot Tub after sundown right now.   Ahhhhh......that will feel good!!!   Makes all this hard work worth while!!!

Meanwhile lets "Hitch up" and get outta here!!! Come on along and travel with us, there is more adventure down the road!!!!

Thanks for stopping by...see ya in Fort Worth.

God Bless all our wonderful Friends, Customers and Followers...

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Al Bossence said...

I like the idea of that Pressure Pro system. What kind of prices are we looking at for a 6 wheeled 33' gas motorhome?? Installed of course. Safe trip to Buckhorn.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see you yesterday - thanks for the great customer service. Travel safe down the road and maybe we will see you in AZ. If you are heading down Hwy 60 stop at the KOFA Cafe and we will have a cuppa.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, tell Al to put monitors on his car, too! The car is just as vulnerable as the motorhome, and you are less likely to sense a problem while towing it.

But you already know that, of course.

Next blog, tell us more about the RV Dreams rally - we have never attended one.

squawmama said...

Good Morning Mike... Looks like yoour calendar is full. Have fun at your rallies!

Travel Safe

Debbie Goode said...

Safe journeys my friends.