Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is it,,,,,,Can you guess?

It started drizzling lightly just as we were leaving the Buckhorn RV Resort at Kerrville, Tx. Sunday. We stopped and gave some thought to sitting it out, but rain was forecast for the next 3 days.  The rig was already quite dirty from the rain we hit coming down from Kansas and we were both anxious to get on to our place at Retama Village in Mission, TX, so we decided to head out and at least get a few miles down the road.  We only had 325 miles to go.  We didn't get out until 10:30 am, which is quite late for us.  We usually get out at 8 or 9am.    

When we got to the outskirts of San Antonio, it began pouring down hard rain.  We slowly trucked on South. Being Sunday morning, the traffic was light and we made it through town in good time.  It misted off and on a little and we decided to go on in all the way and easily pulled into our spot about 5:30. There was Larry and Linda Moore and Doug and Jutta Franks and others waving at us as we turned down Lark Drive towards our corner lot.  Soon we were all settled in with the A/C cranked up and relaxing.  Finally!!! Thank God, we're HOME again!!!

Ok,,,Can you tell me what this is below?

A necklace you say?? No, sorry not a necklace, nor is it a belt. Pretty isn't it?

Click on it and enlarge the picture and zoom in on it...........See what it is?   Ok, that's a Concho in the center,,,,,,,,,but can you tell the rest of it is made out of pop tops?  Yep, a new use for pop tops!!! 

It's a HAT BAND!!

I met a fellow while I was at the HDT Rally in Hutchinson, KS who was with the Holiday Rambler group and he was carrying a whole handfull of these.  His name was Boyd Shields and he was an old Cowboy, just a little pint of a guy, only stood about 5'5", but a neat little guy. Reminded me of Little Jimmy Dickens, whom I met one time in the Airport at Nashville, TN.  He wanted to show me the Hatbands he makes. As busy as I was installing PressurePro Systems, I took a few minutes and talked with him. He was from OKLAHOMA and "Cowboy" all the way from his boots to his cowboy hat. He had a big 45' Holiday Rambler  Motorhome. It was a beauty and I was admiring it. He said to me "I don't drive it,my wife does",,,"But I do the backing"!!!

I mentioned to him that it was neat to run into someone closer to my age in a campground. I told him the joke that I was taught to respect my elders,,,,,but I couldn't find any!!  He got quite a kick out of that and asked me, "Well, how OLD are you"?   When I told him he said "Well heck, I've got you beat by 15 years"!!  I about fell over!  I said, "15 YEARS???  How old are you?"  "I'm 90." he answered.  I was in AWE.  Finally I found an elder!!!  He was as spry as a young chicken.  I thought about challenging him to a foot race, but then I thought again. This little short legged cowboy from Oklahoma  might outrun me.  I told him I just had to have one of those Hatbands. "Well, come on in here and meet my wife", he told me.  "She's 75." I went into his beautiful coach and  the first thing I did was ask his wife, "Now how old is he really?"   "OH he's 90" she replied.  Praise the lord!!   Man, this gives me hope,,,,,maybe I do have a few more years in me!!!   (RV'n years I'm talking about) He is still a full timer!

I was so busy, I didn't even remember to get a picture of this little guy.  I sure wish I had, cause he was such a neat guy and one of my ELDERS!!!!!    I respect him and I have his card.  I just may look him up again one day.   But I sure did buy one of his HAT BANDS.  It was worth the $10 bucks just to meet him.

Man-O-Man, it's hot and humid down here in the Rio Grande Valley,,,,,got over 90 yesterday, gonna be 97 today.   We spent all day washing the Teton, Volvo and the Honda CRV.  Must have sweated off 10 lbs. (Ha, I wish).   But I did jump on the Harley and take a short 10 mile ride around the area,,,that cooled me off a little.  Then, I took a shower in our Coach House shower.  That shower is worth it's weight in GOLD.  Gee, I forgot what water  pressure sticks and bricks (that's what us RV'ers call houses) have.

I can't wait for CHRISTMAS and "All I want for Christmas" is some COOL weather!!! PLEASE????

That's about it from the edge of the Mexican border down here. Thank you all for stopping by..

Remember what I like to tell sure to tell your kids and family you love them.  They may not be around forever

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, you are OUR elder, and we sure as heck respect YOU! After all, you are almost 4 years older that me (Jerry) and I dasn't tell how much older you are than Suzy, "cause she's sitting behind me with a sharp needle in her hand.

That's a neat hat band! Maybe I'll find your li'l ol' cowboy someday and get one!

Speedy said...

OK you got me on that one...Not bad looking

Rick said...

That's a pretty neat story about meeting that little, old cowboy, Mike. It's sure great to see people out living their life to the fullest instead of just sitting in front of a TV! Great hat band idea too - thanks for the pics.

squawmama said...

Hey Mike... I have been saving pop tops for along time hoping to make these hat bands... They are so cool! Have fun and travel safe my friends...