Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Friend Del

Every year when we come back to North Ranch, I think of Del Holowell.  Each year, I dedicate my Blog in remembrance of "My Friend Del".  Del was just one of those guys you can't forget. When we bought our lot here at North Ranch SKP Park near Congress, AZ almost 10 years ago, Del was my next door neighbor. Del and I immediately became friends and I admired him very much. He was such a friendly guy, it was a joy coming back every year and seeing him.   He loved horses and kept his horse at a boarding ranch near Wickenburg.  Knowing I was an old Cowboy and raised with horses, he always wanted me to go riding with him. I never did go but believe me I wish I had.

Del told me that he had Prostrate Cancer and was treating it.  He hadn't been to a doctor in several years and by the time he had his PSA tested, it was 117.  He said it was bad but they were treating it and although it had gotten dangerously out of his Prostrate Gland into other parts of his body, he felt they would be able to control it.   He didn't talk about it much, although I quizzed him about it often because at the same time my PSA tests were coming in rather high. Del just enjoyed life and didn't seem to worry about anything much. He was always in such a good and friendly mood. He never met a stranger.

In just a few short years, Del was gone.  The Cancer had spread from his Prostate into his bones as Prostate Cancer nearly always does. We visited him in the hospital several times and in a few months he was called to that blessed Campground in the Sky. We only got to know Del a few short years, but he left a permanent impression in our hearts.  He was a GOOD guy!!   No, make that a GREAT guy!!  

Del, Ole Buddy, we miss you and I know your wife Pat misses you very much. However, I know that our Lord called you home for a purpose and you are living in peace. I can see you riding the trails and leading the pack!!  We love ya Man!!!

I will never forget "My Friend Del".

I have one request of all my male readers and friends................please get a PSA test every year.  

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Amen, on the PSA testm also the Colonopscony, if you are over 50, 40 if any member of your family ever had colon cancer, My brother Rick died at 56, and his doctor had told him if he would have been tested at 50 he probably would have caught the cancer in time to prevent it. I was lucky I didn't know about it till Rick died and I was 62 then, a week after I got home I went and had the test done, luckily no signs yet.Good thinking Mike getting the word out on your blog, cancer plays no favotites. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

squawmama said...

GREAT post... What a wonderful way to remind your blooging pals to get tested. My brother had prostate cancer and had it treated early thanks to testing. Have a blessed day!
Travel safe

Rick said...

Very nice tribute to your friend, Mike. And, a great reminder to us all.