Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where's Ms Megabyte2?

How is our little Kitty, Ms Mega2 coping with the move and all this activity? For over a year, Ms Megabyte2's home has been our Teton 5Th wheel. It was her only home since the old storage shed that she lived under when we first met. She learned to love the Teton.  She had her little hiding spots and places to watch out the window. We took her outside a few times but not for long and she was always happy to get back to her home.

This has been as big a move for her as it has us. When we first brought her into our new house, she walked around and checked it all out. She then sat down and looked up at us as if to say, "whats this"?  Like me, I believe she thought it was neat, but wanted to go "home" to all our  familiarity. So the first night we moved the Teton here, we stayed in it. She and I just needed a little time.

Well, she quickly got used to the house and it soon seemed more like home. Ms Megabyte2 has found several spots she can watch out the window and she "races" around from room to room, sliding and slipping around the corners on the tile. She is still as curious as ever and looking for her own private places to just sit and watch.

We were sitting in our recliners watching TV one evening when Ms Pat glanced up and said “Look where Mega is”!! She was way up on the top of the kitchen cabinet’s enjoying the site’s from her new found “perch” and purring away. She was a “happy Cat”.  It took some coaxing with her favorite toy to get her down.  I’d say she is quite happy in our New Home. I wonder how she will feel when we move back to the Teton?
The Gal’s went shopping in Prescott again Monday. Ms Pat, Gina and Dale spent the entire day “shopping”.  Rollie, Mark and I were only too glad to just stay home and do OUR thing. Here they are when they FINALLY got home. (way after Happy Hour).
Here Gina was so happy as she says “Pop’s you won’t believe what all we got in this little car”!! Gina is “famous” for what she can pack in a small space.   She is “loaded” with enthusiasm and is a bundle of energy and JOY! What a sweetheart she is.
As you can see, they were all still full of giggles and laughter. Gina says they spent the entire day having a BALL!!
Rollie and I unload this LARGE rug……How they got it loaded is “another story”!
Gina and Ms Pat unload this large Bench.  I still can’t believe they had all that in the little Honda CRV….. But when Gina says “we’ll get it in”, it WILL happen!!

We finally got it all unloaded and are now in the process of putting it in its place…  Yes, this place is Shaping Up!!
We have been waiting for our good friends Gregg and Bonnie to arrive and they are finally here !!!  They are our neighbors in Retama Village in Mission TX, fellow HDT’ers (heavy duty truck)  and our favorite Biking Buddies. So we decided to take a little trip up through the Mountains.  WOW, let me tell you it was SOME trip!! 175 miles and Boy O boy did we all enjoy it. The sights were awesome, to say the least.  Needless to say we were WORN OUT…. just havin too much fun!


Welcome to our latest followers,,Weldon and Sandy. Glad to have you with us!!

God Bless you all!


(Sorry about the fuzzy pictures, google Blog is playing tricks and giving me a "FIT" today.  If you click on the pictures and enlarge them, they are not fuzzy.  Don't ask me why...I have no idea!!)

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Boy for a second there you scared me, I thought Megbyte was lost, I know I would be worried sick if Rigg's was missing, Tank goodness she is safe and just exploring her new home. Look's like the Ladies had a great day out. Hope you all have fun.Be Safe out There. Sam & Donna

Rick said...

Looking at that picture of Ms. Megabyte2, I'm trying to figure out how she got up on top of that kitchen cupboard? She must be a great little jumper!

Gina and Rollie seem to be having more fun than you guys in helping to furnish your new home - it's looking good.

Travels with Emma said...

Blogger was definitely playing with everyone yesterday and today. I couldn't access my pictures for my blog at all! I was worried your sight was going bad. :)

Jerry and Suzy said...

Here, kitty kitty kitty! Mega is quite the girl. If we need help packing stuff away, can we borrow Gina?

Jim said...

You two sure have been max'ing the fun meter this spring. Greg's Harley in that photo looks like a twin to mine. Mike, based on your feedback, I just got a Polaris Sportsman 850, what a fun ride :)

Mark and Dortha said...

Looks like you guys are having way too much fun. I am thinking you need to put a limit on Pat's and Gina's shopping. LOL

Glad to see you picked up Weldon and Sandy as blog followers. We have been friends of ours for lots of years.

Continue to enjoy your new home.

Hugs to you all

Carol said...

well, i must admit it has been a long time since I have looked at your blog, Mike...please forgive...and WOW to all of the changes. love the house and what great friends you have to install the microwave and fix up the rocks! the house is beautiful. so now you have the best of both worlds.

that little Megabyte2 must have springs in those legs of hers!

when are you heading to Custer??? hugs to both of you. :)+