Sunday, April 18, 2010

The new zBoost cell phone extender.

Now here is a neat gadget that I just have to tell you about.  I ordered this "zBoost" and it arrived about 2 weeks ago and since then our life has been much better.  Down at this end of the North Ranch SKP RV Park near Congress, AZ where we bought our new home, the cell phone signal is not near as good as it was up higher on the hill at our old place. The previous owner had installed a special "Yagi" antenna on the roof for better cell phone reception. He tethered his cell phone to it, which means he was direct wired to it.
This is the Yagi directional antenna on the roof of our house. It works great and gets Verizion quite well, but we weren't happy leaving our phone connected to it by a wire. In fact, our Motorola Verizion phone doesn't even have a connection for a wired antenna. We couldn't use the Yagi. Our phone service was lousy and dropped calls constantly. This  wouldn't work with us, as we continue to sell PressurePro Tire Monitoring Systems and PowerTank's like hot cakes.   We had to come up with a solution.  So I started looking and talking and reading. I talked with my neighbor and good friend Bill Jones, who now just lives a few houses away.  He said come on over and I'll show you what will work.  Bill showed me his zBoost.
After Bill showed me his, I thought this would work PERFECT!! I immediately set out to find one. Within a week, I had one sitting on our counter. As you can see above, the black wire is coax from the Yagi on the roof and the white wire is the power to the zBoost. WOW!!  What a difference. We went from one to two bars on our phones to four and five. Designed for consumers, the zBoost Dual Band cell phone signal booster extends a zBoost Cell Zone for single or multiple users in homes or offices.  It increases indoor signal coverage – up to 2500 sq ft..  It comes with its own Vertial antenna and coax, but since I already had the Yagi, I used it.  We are HAPPY CAMPERS!! No more dropped calls and missed messages. We love it and believe me our zBoost will go with us when we travel. Plus, I can use the antenna and coax that came with it while traveling and at our other property.  Isn't it great when a plan WORKS? Praise the Lord!

Speaking of plans working....Gina's Rock Gardens around our new home continue and they are WORKING!! Just look at some of the beautiful work she has been doing. She says "I'm not done yet"!!

Back Yard
I am so proud of all she has done and we are getting lots of compliments...... Nice job Gina!!!!

Our friends Mark and Dale Bruss arrived yesterday. They have been traveling and sight seeing for a couple weeks on their trip from their Lot in Retama Village in Mission, TX. In fact, they are our close neighbors at our lot in Retama. They will be staying on our other lot here at North Ranch for a few weeks. 
This called for a POT LUCK.   Here we all are after enjoying the food and especially Rollie's GREAT COOKING. Plus enjoying our NEW PORCH.

Pictured above left to right around the table is:  Ms Pat's head, Don and Camilla Heasty, Gina and Rollie Thurston, Tom and Sally Gierisch and Dale and Mark Bruss.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Gina, Rollie, Dale, Pat and I are off to early 8 O'clock Church. Thanks for stopping by.   Praise the Lord for all he continues to do and provide for us.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Neat rocks! Neat friends! Neat pot luck, but golly, Mike, are you talking about food?

Marilyn said...

What Model # zBoost did you purchase? In looking they seem to have several models.

Mike McFall said...

Marilyn,,,,,My zBoost is the YX510,,, please email if need more info. Although they sell on the web site for $399.00 I got mine on ebay for $235.00. Lots of others out here are using them and like them...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. I checked Ebay and one seller had a You Tube video which stated the Exterior Signal Antenna should be at least 3ft. from metal siding or A.C. units. Our motorhome has aluminum siding. Do you or Bill Jones have a opinion? We wanted to use when we travel.

Mike McFall said...

Really this is not the place to communicate...Leave you mail address or here is mine:

It really shouldn't be hard to get the antenna up over your MH roof 3' and 3' from your AC. I do that all the time with my Truckers Antenna, which I will probably just use on my zBoost. Just put it on a pole and put it up in the air. (not while traveling, of course!) Good Luck...

Rick said...

Well, I guess I'll just have to look into this ZBoost thingie, Mike. Not that I really need one, but a great gizmo like this is always nice to have around just in case.

The rocks in your garden look terrific!!

Unknown said...

Hi Mike and Pat,

I’m from the marketing team at Wi-Ex, the makers of zBoost. We loved your blog about the YX510 and were wondering if we could use it for our company blog.

You can email me back at

Enjoy your zBoost! :)