Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We had a Feast!!

Since we knew our screened in porch would be our primary point of entertainment and we enjoy it so much, we decided to get some new patio furniture. So, off we went in Rollie and Gina's truck to Prescott shopping. The gals found just what we wanted at Home Depot. Now to get it and several other items we purchased home.
The guys at Home Depot were a little dubious that we could get it all in the truck. Ms Pat says "where will it go"? Gina stands back surveying the situation and says "IT WILL GO!  " Rollie says "when she says that, it usually goes"!
Let's see now...this will go in the sleeper....somehow!
It WILL...GO,...I know it will!!
Rollie says "Yes, it will go, but we have to take it apart".......

Soon the truck was FULL!!  Rollie says "If you want to hand it up to me, I can get some more in"!! LOL

Now let me tell you, I hate shopping!!  After about an hour of it, I've had enough. My attention span is extremely short! We spent ALL DAY chasing from store to store, looking, measuring, comparing and pricing. The gals, Gina and Ms Pat were into it! Rollie and I just stood back and smiled at each other. I don't think Rollie enjoys shopping much either, but watching these girls and just answering when we were asked for an opinion, was actually fun.

Here it is, home and all put together...I think it looks GREAT. I am extremely proud of their selection and everybody's hard work. It took the entire next day to put it all together. Rollie did most of the labor and had it all put together in a very short time.  Thanks Rollie.  Can you believe we got all this into Rollie's truck?  We sure did, plus much more!!
We didn't wait long until we put it to good use and it worked great!!  Here is our very first get together on Easter Sunday. Around the table left to right, we have Gina Thurston, Paul and Nancy Wilson, Ms Pat, Rollie Thurston and Tom and Sally Gierisch. We all enjoyed the Turkey Rollie deep fried and the Ham Sally cooked, plus all the other super dishes everyone brought...

After dinner we all sat around and visited. The new Patio set worked great and we love it.

This picture is especially for my friend Rick. There ya go Buddy! That's the way to show FOOD on your Blog. Didn't think I would do it, did you.....?:-)   Rollie is a top notch cook and like all Louisianians, he has had lots of experience. We, along with several of our friends, can vouch for the fact that he does a GREAT job!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!

Welcome to Dale Bruss as our latest follower.. I know Dale has been reading our Blog for a long time. Thanks for signing up Dale, its getting to be a race with other Blogger friends.....keep "Following" folks!!

God Bless you all!!


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Rick said...

Now, that's a great looking Turkey, Mike - and a perfect picture too, you should definitely do more! I've never had a deep fried turkey, but it sure looks to be cooked to perfection. Pretty amazing getting all that furniture into the truck. It's good looking stuff. Glad you had a great Easter dinner with your friends!!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Wow, What a feast, that bird Rollie is holding has me drooling,The ladies did a great job of picking out the furniture,Thank God for good friends,you guys are all blessed with having good friendships and good times together,Be Safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Connie and Rod said...

Y'all had me rolling on the floor laughing with the "it'll fit" biz. LOL

Great way to do turkey and if its done by a Canjun, who could ask for me. ;)


squawmama said...

Wow I can't believe you got all that furniture in the truck... I know the truck is HUGE but really who would've thougt. And the Turkey YUMO!!! It made me so hugry for turkey... I have had them deep fried and surprised how fast they cook and how delish they are... Great PHOTOS!
Have fun & travel safe

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Look like Gina was right! And the new furniture looks great in your place. Looks like you all had a nice Easter!