Sunday, February 6, 2011

16 degree’s......You gotta be KIDDING !!

Nope, I'm not kidding. We got home from Boondocking last Tuesday and Wednesday morning it was 22* when we got up……I thought that was pretty chilly. Then Thursday morning it was 16.   WOW, that’s COLD! I’m sure glad we had all the pipes protected around the place. I had an electric heater going in the Motorhome all night and a light bulb under the belly near the water pump. I opened all the cabinet doors inside so heat could get into them. But, to be on the safe side,  I went out at 4am and fired up the diesel and electric Aqua Heater furnaces. Now when that big diesel burner fires up, it gets hot fast both upstairs and in the belly. I let it run for about 3 hours until the sun came up. What’s a couple gallons of fuel compared to some broken pipes, right?  Friday morning it was 20*, Saturday it was 30* and HOT DOG!, this morning it is 45!!!  So things are looking up…..Hallelujah!!

I decided while I had my  Polaris 4-wheeler loaded in the back of my pickup, I would take it in for a little professional TLC. So Wednesday afternoon, I took it into town and unloaded it at the repair shop. What a good time to be without it, during this cold weather. I knew I wouldn't be riding it for a few days but I thought I was going to freeze to death before I got it unloaded. The wind was blowing a "gillion" miles an hour! I bought this Polaris about 6-7 years ago and it runs like a sewing machine, starts fantastically even after sitting in storage every summer while we are up in South Dakota. 

I change the oil and filter regularly and I've greased it a couple times but that’s all. You know how it goes,
"Don’t fix something if it ain’t broke"! Well, when we loaded it on the pickup to take it boondocking with us, I noticed I had a torn boot on one of the drive axles. So I taped it up with good ole Duct Tape until I got a chance to fix it.  So while I had it in getting that repaired, I told them to go over it good and fix whatever needs fixin'.  I'm scared it may never run so good again.  I’ve had that happen before, take something in and let the “pro’s” work on it and it's never the same.  I’ve got my fingers sure has been a good dependable machine.

Golden Eagles Fighting,,,,,,,,by Ron Tietsort
My good friend and former boss is a wildlife conservation officer in Custer State Park.  He sent me this picture of these Golden Eagles fighting over a deer carcass.  It was taken by his unmanned trail camera.  Gee....what big, beautiful birds! Outstanding picture Ron!
I have always wanted one of these Weather Stations. I finally got lucky with a bid on eBay and purchased one. It is quite impressive and I have been putting it together and trying to learn how to set it up.
Ms. Pat wasn’t too crazy about me putting it together on her dining room table, but it was COLD out in my shop, so she put up with me.(as usualSmile)
It has a neat console, if I can just figure out all the buttons. Sometimes you have to push 3 different buttons in certain succession to get a reading. I’ve kept a record of the highs and lows everyday for years and years. Don’t ask me why, I just do it. As my buddy says “that’s just me”! I keep a record of a LOT of things, some of which would amaze you, I am sure! “That’s Just Me”! Smile
It’s wireless, so I set it up in the back yard to make sure I get a good reception. When it warms up a little I’ll put it up on the roof.  So far it’s working great but I still have a lot to learn.

My son Pat gave me several big boxes of old pictures and documents to look through and see if I wanted any.  Now that we have a house and a "Cabin" in the Black Hills, we have more places to hang and put a few pictures.  Let me tell you, going through all those pictures has been some kind of an experience.  Gosh, stuff I had forgotten even existed or happened.  Man!  I was on an emotional roller coaster.....up and down!  Sometimes I was laughing and other times I was crying.

I sure found some neat old pictures.  The most prized one was one of my Father holding me when I was a mere baby of 6 months, taken way out on our Ranch about 75 years ago.  I think I kinda remember it……Yeah right....Ha Ha.  I can’t even remember a month ago. But, as they say, a lot of those long term things are coming back to me. Some good, some not so good. I found lots of other pictures, most of them of the boy’s when they were young and my parents. So much of my family is gone and that makes me sad. My Dad always told me”you can’t look back son, just forward”. He was so right, in so many things! I never realized at the time how smart he was……he was one GREAT MAN.

Friday, I about shocked Ms. Pats socks off.  I was tired of hanging around the house so much and I called her during her line dancing class and ask her if she would like to go to the Chili Supper that night. There was silence on the phone and I’m sure she was wondering if it was really me calling. Then she replied “Sure, do you”?  Well, I even shocked myself.  I said,  "It’s good chili weather, let's go. You can get the tickets while you're at the Office if they have any left."   So, at 5pm, we took off for the Activities Center and had a super Chili supper with cheese, onions, jalapeno peppers and the works.  Over 150 other folks were there and we sat with our old neighbors Dale and Julie along with 3 couples from the city of Congress.  Afterward they had a Cowgirl Poet and a local gal that sang Country Western songs. Both were quite good and it was an enjoyable time.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thank you all for stopping by.

We’re off to Church this bright and sunshiny morning, praising God for all the many things he provides for us.


PS. Tomorrow is our 25TH Wedding Anniversary!!! Some more to praise the Lord for!

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Connie and Barry said...

Good stuff here today - thanks for sharing! I had to laugh when I read "That's just me!" Hubby makes fun of me for keeping track of certain things but I can't help it, I just do!

Going thru old photos is so fun - the one of your dad holding you - a definite for wall priority!

The eagle's pic is awesome! Hubby liked that one, too!

Happy 25th Anniversary to you and Ms. Pat - have a great day!
Connie in PA

Sue and Doug said...

hopefully the weather will warm up soon...and a very Happy Anniversary to you and Ms.Pat!..25 years wohooo!!!..30 years for us in August!!!

squawmama said...

Nothing like old pictures of the family to give you an emotional roller coaster ride... Hope it gets warm for you guys and stays there!
Have fun & travel safe

Al Bossence said...

Congrats on the anniversary folks. That weather station looks like a NASA command station module. I like those sorts of things as well but have trouble figuring them out now. Know what you mean by keeping records of things. Used to do a lot of that. Only thing now is my weight records going back over 10 years. Know how you feel about looking at old photos. Sure can be a roller coaster alright. Most of the time I just choose not to go there. Too much sadness sometimes. Remember, the only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now........

Ron and Thelma said...

Congrats on 25 yrs. Enjoy folling your blog That is cold. We are down in Mission Tx and has freezing rain here. Not what I wanted

Jerry and Suzy said...

Guess we'll miss your anniversary party, but happy anniversary, short-timers! That from a 50+ year couple.

DOn't talk about 16 degrees being cold until you've experienced REAL cold -- and if course, we know you have, but not in Arizona!

Unknown said...

Love the eagles!

Debbie Goode said...

Happy 25th! My grandpa used to write down the highs and lows and other weather info....after he passed we found calendar after calender just full of his notes about the weather!