Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, Oct. 2010
I have always wanted to tell you about our visit to the Rodeo Hall of Fame in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We spent several hours there when we were attending the Foretravel Rally last October. Rollie and Gina went with us.  I enjoyed it very much and I think they did, too. Rodeoing was a big part of my life back in the 50's.  I believe you can click on the picture above or the caption under the picture and it will take you to the album.   (Sorry, the above picture is blurry but when you click on the album, the pictures in the album are  clear.)

Last Thursday we had an appointment with the Chevrolet dealer in Prescott where we bought the Silverado. I needed to get the Windshield replaced as it was defective.  I also wanted to get a few accessories installed that I had ordered. We got up early and drove the 50 miles up there. We wanted to get there early and the work was to be done by NOON. WRONG!!!  When they started to install the windshield they found it was damaged in shipment.   Oh just great!  I had been trying to get time to get this done for several weeks.

Luckily, they found another Windshield in Phoenix but it wouldn't be there until NOON. Of course, it would take a couple hours to install it.  Now we're looking at 2 pm as a completion time.  OK, I can live with that, I guess. I had them go ahead and install the rear wheel liners, the splash guards and the bug deflector. They loaned us a real nice late model Chevy Impala to use so Ms Pat was dragging me to store after store shopping. Now I'm OK for some of this but after 5 straight hours of it, I'm fading FAST! At 2 pm they called us and said the glass installer was would be 5 pm before they could get it completed.  OK....more shopping!!  This is turning into some kind of a long day and I'm getting a little cranky to say the least.  At 5 pm we went to pick it up and I was thinking to myself  "what's next"? But, it was ready to go and they were extremely apologetic about the delay.

When we picked up our truck, we still had to go and pick up the frozen food we needed. Man it was after 7 pm when we finally arrived back at the Ranch.  Whew...what a day!  But it was worth it and it sure is nice to have a CLEAR windshield to look through. The original was really distorted.  When I first noticed it, I thought my eyesight had suddenly gone bad and I was about to schedule an eye exam. It was a relief to find out it was the windshield...:-)  It seems the center substance in the windshield was wavy.  It was tough to look through and really annoyed us. I had never heard of a defective windshield but after looking through it themselves, the service guys agreed it was definitely defective.  It was fully replaced under warranty and my insurance company did not have to get involved.  

Monday, Larry and Geri, x-owners of the Broken Arrow Campground in Custer, SD came to visit us. It is sure great to see them and see their New 5TH wheel Toy Hauler and Dodge Dually truck. It's a
beautiful outfit!  I'll get some pictures of it soon. We got them all set up on our other lot just in time for Happy Hour and a "travel day" dinner!!  They are officially "Full-Timers" now.....retired and enjoying every minute of it. 
Yesterday, without wasting any time, we all took off for the desert and another 30+ mile 4-wheeling trip. It was a gorgeous day but this OLD guy is Wore Out!!  I need some rest.....a couple hours at least!! :-)

It is a GREAT WEEK!!

Thank you all for stopping by.


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Sue and Doug said...

There is nothing like a day filled with 'shopping' and truck repair delays!!..glad it all worked out in the end!!!..have fun with the new 'fulltiming friends'..may they have many years of safe travels!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

I can take a little bit of shopping if you mean knowing what you want to buy and going into a store and buying it. But if it is simply browsing without any real goal, fuggitaboudit.

Debbie Goode said...

Glad to hear everything was finally taken care of for you. I can't handle a day long shopping event too well either....and I'm a girl! LOL! Supposed to be "in my genes" or something, but guess I missed out! My Mom always wants to go on these big "shopping events" as a "girls day out"....I love the time with MOM, but most of time is spent sitting on a bench (if I'm lucky) while she is in the "dressing room" trying on clothes.

Rod Ivers said...

You did way better with that shopping stint than I would have. I would have just sent the misses on her way and been back in the customer lounge at the dealership. Pacing the floor and looking all impatient.

Glad it all got taken care of and your good to go with the new truck. Nothing like a new truck to brighten the day, unless it is a new motorcycle, LOL!

Al Bossence said...

Being dragged around through boring girlie stores has got to be one of the most awfullest things of ever. Bamboo shoots under fingernails is preferable. I'm like Jerry, I do not believe in window shopping. What a huge waste of valuable time that is. If I want something I go get it & then get out of of the store. If I have to shop for something I totally prefer to go alone. You deserve a Medal for going above & beyond the call of duty on that mind numbing shopping mission!!