Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Surprise Visitor

What a surprise and shock it was to come around the corner and find this Visitor!!
It startled me at first, as I thought it was a rattler. However, I soon saw it wasn’t but I wasn’t sure what it was because I’m not up on snakes of the Southwest. I could tell it wasn’t a biter because it didn’t coil and prepare for a strike when I confronted it. He was a big guy, a good 5’ long. I hollered at Ms. Pat to get me a 5 gal pail so I could keep him out of my shop. He soon  got a short ride on my ATV out into the desert.  In checking, I found out it was a “Gopher” snake, non-poisonous and a rodent eater.   One of the “good Guys” but not a guy I want in my shop!  Ms MegaByte was on the porch and saw us trying to catch it and took off for parts unknown. 

Monday morning, Ms. Pat went up to her line dancing and I took what was probably my last 4-wheel ride out in the desert for this Winter. A great ride it was.  I really got into it…..quiet, all alone (I didn’t even take my camera), stopping every once in a while just to take in all the beauty.  Plus, some time to talk with God and with some other Angels that I know are watching over me.  It was a long ride.  I was lost part of the time but I kept on going and soon saw a familiar landmark. It was a really comforting pleasant ride and the weather was just so beautiful. The weather here continues to be just outstanding and really comfortable!  Should we really leave?  That is a good question.

Janna and Mike are about to be washed off the map with continuous rains in Montana. The Rapid City Journal sent out a “Flash Flood”  warning bulletin yesterday as the rain continues every day in the Black Hills. Terrible tornados and storms all over but here it is so calm and pleasant. Ms. Pat told me the other afternoon about happy hour (4pm) that she was going to turn the A/C on. I asked her what in the world for? She replied, "well we need to see if it works".   Oh yeah, I guess we do.  It was the first and last time we have had it on this year. In about 30 minutes, I shut it off. I was cold and I told her “yep it works!” The comfort of this home is something else. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Well, anyhow, I guess Saturday or maybe Sunday will be our day of departure…. good or bad, it's what we do and we are both anxious to get on our little “hill” south of Custer.  No chance of flood on our hill, if we can just get there!  I’m asking the weatherman for some good travel weather.  We’ll see how much pull I have....LOL.   I did crank up the Motorhome and drive it up to the club house for some Propane. It felt good to be behind the wheel, even if it was only for a mile!!  It ran great and I believe it's ready to roll.  Ms. Pat tells me we will be moving into it shortly, so we can close up the house. Soon we will be RV’ers again.

My blog is a little late this morning.  Sorry!!   I didn’t get it completed before we took off on our walk at 5:30am. The sun is coming up earlier and earlier....gotta get that walk in early before it gets hot.

Thursday (tomorrow) is an ALL DAY trip to Phoenix, our last visit for this summer. One last (I hope) Dr. visit and the normal supply trip to Costco, Sams and of course. Wally’s.

It is a GREAT WEEK !!!!

Sunday I will do my best to put out some kind of a blog…..stop back and see where we are.

Meanwhile, God Bless you all and travel safe!


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, with all the weather that is happening darn near everywhere, we are certainly glad our home is in SE Arizona. And that we aren't traveling eastward this year. Loved your snake. We've had them at our place in Benson, but no much longer than 4 feet. Get your ladies on the road, friend, but be very careful. THe angels will guard and guide you, as they do for us!

Al Bossence said...

So glad you did not harm that snake. So many do:(( Maybe they are not all fuzzy & snuggly but they mean people no harm. Glad to see you transported him out of harm's way:)) I understand the feeling of being alone with your thoughts. It is one of my all time favorite things to do. You heading out on your ATV is like me heading out alone with my cameras. Also know how you feel about sliding behind the wheel of the Motor Home. Another one of my favorite places to be. Safe travels Mike............

Beth said...

Safe travels! We should be in Custer at the end of June :-)

Happytrails said...

Now your visitor is free to go out find himself/herself a gopher to chase or dine on. :-)

Margie and Roger said...

When your blog opened up I actually jumped when I saw that snake. Scary! Good snake, bad snake, they're all scary to me. Glad he "moved" away from your neighborhood - hope he doesn't find his way back.

Donna K said...

Wishing you safe and uneventful travels. Stay safe.

Sue and Doug said...

wishing you all safe travels as you head towards 'the hill'!!

Rod Ivers said...

I thought maybe you had a new pet!! But it sounds like you sent him packing for a new neighborhood..

Have a good trip back to the Black Hills, and I am sure you will be excited to return..