Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crossing Texas..

We traveled the 4 states of FL, AL, MS and LA all in one day but it’s taking us 4 days to get across TEXAS!
If you remember we arrived here at Motorhomes of Texas Sunday for some scheduled work and servicing of our Foretravel on Monday.

They pulled us in early Monday morning and began working. This is Mark on the left and Isaac on the right as they serviced our Coach.

They had everything all taken apart as they began looking at different things we had on our list besides the routine annual services.

They totally serviced our big 475 HP Cummins powerhouse, the Allison 4000 6 speed auto transmission, the Aqua Hot  heating system, the leveling air system and the 10K Power Teck diesel generator, plus a few other things. We only traveled 12,000 miles last year but we have found the better you treat and service these big rigs, the better off you are. It usually pays off in the long run. Plus, it makes us feel a lot better!

The last thing was replacement of our driver's side windshield……..glad it’s a 2 piece’er but it is still a big windshield.

Friday morning after a few more quick adjustments on our HWH computerized air leveling system, we were good to go.  We are pleased with the work these guys do and the attention they give even to the smallest items.  They are still the greatest bunch of guys to work with I have run into and make you feel like part of the MOT family. Since I bought the Coach here they provided us with a 20% labor discount and 10% off all parts!!

We took on some fuel and headed Southwest out of Nacogdoches. We cut across Texas and avoided the horrendous traffic of Houston, San Antonio and Austin and hit I-10 at Kerrville. Although we have stayed many times before at the beautiful Buckhorn Lake RV Park, this time we went to the Elks Club for the night. It was a nice club and just happened to be their Meal Night. They provided us with complimentary Happy Hour and the BBQ dinner was only $10.00 per person.  We had a great 350 mile easy day.

Saturday morning we were out of there at 7:30 and continued our trip West on I-10.  The TracStar in-motion satellite dish worked perfectly and we were able to watch the Nebraska-Penn State football game. Well, I should say Ms Pat watched it. I was busy driving and she scolded me if I even glanced at the TV. But she gave me a play by play action description. By half time, we had gone the 300 mile quota Ms Pat has me on and I watched the last half from my recliner.  WOW, it was a super game and back to back to that game was FSU playing Miami.  Our teams Nebraska and Florida State both won their games… What a day!!

This morning we are head on West and hope to make Deming, NM. tonight, which should be no problem since its only 290 miles.  Personally I would just like to drive right on to North Ranch non-stop but Ms Pat puts the kabash to that and says 300 miles is our limit.  I think she had the guys at MOT install a special 300 mile a day monitoring device. If I go over 300 miles, lights flash and alarms buzz. :-)  I love driving this big motorhome.  It is so easy and comfortable to drive, I could go on forever....but us guys are like that.  Right Mike, John and Rollie?

We plan on spending Monday night in Tucson visiting our 2 Grandsons. Mike and Stephen. It will be so good seeing them again…..yesterday was Mike’s 17TH Birthday  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!  I know your Dad wishes he could be here to celebrate it with you but I know he is with you in "spirit".  It was good talking to you on the phone last night....we'll see you soon.

Then.....if all goes well we will pull into North Ranch at Congress, Az on Tuesday.  Here we come Paul and Nancy!!  Have the red carpet ready.  We are both so anxious to get to our Southern Home.  It's been about 6 months since we left and I’m ready!!! What a trip we have had back to Florida…..I’ll go into that next time..

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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squawmama said...

Not all guys like to drive & drive ~ we drive short trips (2 to 3 hundred miles)... Like to stop early! Glad your service was done well and all is good... Travel safe across this great country of ours!!!
Have fun

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Good to hear your maintenance stop went without a hitch and now your back on the rode, one more day and you'll see family again.I had my Grands this weekend what a hoot with them paying tag with Rigg's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

Sue and Doug said...

safe travels as you continue on!!!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We have heard nothing but great things about Foretravel's service. Glad all worked out well for you. Enjoy your stay with your grandsons.

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

I'm with you on servicing your MH regularly. Mine always seems to run happier after some TLC.

Happytrails said...

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"....that's what my mom always said. Taking good care of your rig just makes good sense. You have your lives riding in it. Glad all went well and you were on your way in a timely manner.
Travel safely!!

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Your comments are a great endorsement for Foretravel. Maybe we should buy one...
Travel safely!

Al Bossence said...

I'm like you Mike, I just like to get in the rig and go, go, go, especially if I have a nice tail wind pushing me along. By the end of today we will probably have Texas in our sights. Gotta love this RV traveling stuff for sure.....10-4:))

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

Glad that your service stop went so well. We may have to consider a coach similar to yours when we decide to make that jump!! And I agree with Pat!! 300 miles in one day is a gracious plenty!!

Continued safe travels!!