Sunday, November 27, 2011

OK, I’ve Totally Lost It and Yep....I'm NUTS!

I have NEVER done the “Black Friday” thing and totally agreed that those that did do it, were NUT’S!! Well, that was until Paul & Nancy showed me Cabela’s  “Black Friday” flyer that had a Rifle in it that I wanted. I thought and thought about it and decided that for a gun, I would do it. I told Ms. Pat what I was thinking and she said “I think you have LOST IT”!   That sale starts at 5AM and its in Phoenix, 60 miles away.  She said, "They probably only have a couple of those guns and we’ll never make it."  I thought she's probably’s a dumb idea but I still kept thinking about it.

Finally, I called the gun dept. at Cabelas and asked the guy how many of those guns they had.  He told me they had a good stock. I asked him what he considered a “good stock” and he answered "Well, I know we have over 200." Now that intrigued me so I told Ms. Pat I was going but I wasn’t going to leave until about 7am and get there by 8:30 and just take my chances..   It was Dance class morning for her, so I told her she didn’t have to go, that I would go alone. "Oh, No Way!!" she said, "You think I would turn you loose alone in that mess?"

So on Black Friday morning, we took off in the dark headed for Cabelas in, listen to this, 0515 hundred hours! Surely not many people will be there at this time of the day. It was a beautiful morning and the highway was clear.  We pulled into Cabela’s at 6:15am. OH My!!! The parking lot was nearly full!! We had to park way out in the parking lot. WOW, now I knew I was NUTS! I asked Ms. Pat, “Who’s stupid idea was this”?  She is such a pleasant Lady...she just smiled and said, "Come on, we better get in line." 

So, we stood in line for just over an hour and finally got a clerk who took the information and secured a gun for us.  While I was there, I asked the clerk if I could buy 2 of the guns. "No, only one per person", he replied. Ms Pat said how about me? can have one too. So he sold us 2 guns.  Then the guy right next to me was looking at another gun that they had on sale. Ms. Pat said isn't that one of those AR15 rifles like you were looking for?  WOW!! I hadn’t noticed they had those on sale, too. At $100.00 off, I’ll take one of those! The clerk sold us 3 guns and told us we have to go over in another line to fill out the paperwork.  So, off we went to the other line to get the long process of filling out the paperwork completed. That line was even LONGER and it took another hour. Then the paperwork had to be submitted and approved.  "That will take a couple hours, at least", the lady told us…. "go do some more shopping and come back in and pick up the guns later."

OK, we fought the crowd looking around and picked up some other things we wanted and then decided to run up to Sams Club to get a few grocery items we needed.  Well,, that was another ZOO.  Plus, they didn’t have the Pomegranate juice we wanted, so we ran across the street to Costco.  Yep, ZOO # 3 for the day!  It still wasn’t even 10 am and people were streaming in the door like crazy. I do believe we beat the worst of the crowds. least I keep telling myself that. :-)

In a couple hours, we went back to Cabelas and we stood in line for over another hour to pick up the 3 guns.  WHEW!!  Finally we were outta there……and headed HOME!! Made it just barely in time for....yep you guessed it....Happy Hour! We were both totally exhausted and needed all the "Happy" we could get!

The next day when we saw Nancy and told her what we did,  she said “You must be NUT’s”. Ha ha.  We told her, "Yep, we are and never again will we do Black Friday."   But…well, if they should happen to have a special gun.........Nah.... “probably” not even then!!  But I sure had fun playing with my new guns yesterday. I spent all day  mounting scopes and fun stuff like that…….. now to get out and site them in!!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Ms. Pat cooked us a delicious Turkey, Ham and all the trimmings. We can now enjoy the leftovers for days…… I love that!  We even got in a nice ride out in the desert on Wednesday before Thanksgiving and of course, stopped by our secret firing range and had a little target practice.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Hope yours was, too.  Thanks for stopping by.


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HAPPY HOLIDAYS..........Mike and Pat


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

There must be two of us Nuts out here. I swore I would never do Black Friday also, but the lure of a 3500watt electric start generator I wanted for $319 was just too much. Donna had to work but I braved it alone with just 1 hour of lines between waiting to go in , and check out. I left the house at 05:15AM.Great deal and it works just fine, Never again though. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

Jim and Sandie said...

Generators, guns, fishing stuff - at least now we know what will get the men out shopping on Black Friday. I guess I don't want anything that bad because no shopping for me. But it does sound like you had some fun standing in line. LOL

Al Bossence said...

Well, you sure got a lot more patience than I do Mike. I wouldn't even wait that long in a line for a peanut butter sandwich.

Janna and Mike said...

Yep, Mike you are nuts but for a good cause I guess!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Paul went with me ONCE and after one store said...I'm going home! Guess he didn't like it. I love getting out with the NUTS! Glad you got some great deals.

Sue and Doug said...

only in America!!..we have Boxing Day sales and it is just as crazy as your Black Friday..glad you got what you went for!!

squawmama said...

I have never done a BLACK Friday either and probably never will.... You had some guts to tackle that!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Donna W. said...

The Cabe;as here had 1200 people in line at 5 a.m. local newscaster opened doors saying the whole time please dont trample me!.
Told Sam since he is now an experienced Black Friday shopper next year I'll give him a list from Wal-mart and Best Buy. The money I save should be enough to bale him out of jail.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Ha! What a great Black Friday story. Glad you were successful. Now to hear about the hunting or target practise...