Sunday, December 4, 2011

We Have A New CAT!!!

First Cat picture
This is our latest middle of the night visitor. We think it is a Bob Cat but it could be a small Cougar.  Both have been spotted roaming in the Park. What do you think? The picture isn’t very clear as the Cat must have been moving pretty fast as it ran across the camera’s path. This was taken at 11:10 pm, just a few feet from our bedroom where we were fast asleep.

This is a picture of Gina’s Rock garden she set up at the front of the house, right outside the screened porch. The other night at about 7:00 pm when it was black dark, we heard the most awful cat screeching and yelping we have ever heard coming from the porch.  Ms. Megabyte2 was out there and saw something that really shook her up! Ms. Pat and I both jumped up and ran out there. We, of course, didn’t see a thing but Ms. Megabytes2’s hair was standing on end and she was looking toward the bushes.  You could tell she had encountered something very unusual.

Needless to say, she was UPSET….I’ll bet the guy from the picture above paid her a little visit.   The next morning we saw large paw prints in the rock garden and noticed where "something cat like" had been using the sand in the rock garden for a "litter box".  HMMMM....… See the pile of "droppings" we dug out of the sand...looks like it's been here a time or two before.  I moved the camera up to this spot for a while and we will see if he comes back.  You just never know what's going on around you in the black of the night.  Meanwhile, Ms Megabyte2 is still sniffing and looking around everytime she goes out on the porch.

I was working in my shop yesterday and heard thunder rumbling and something hitting the roof.  This is what I saw.....small "pea" size sleet! In fact, some of them got almost as big as "moth balls". If we were in South Dakota, we would call this stuff "hail".  Then, shortly after that, it started snowing.  Geez......are we really in Arizona??

It wasn’t long until it covered the ground……

This is looking to the North towards Yarnell Mountain where we see snow a few times every winter. However, every so often one of these desert storms will get low enough to give us a sampling of the cold stuff but it's enough for me!! The storm has moved on out of the area.

This is looking back towards the South. You can see the clouds are breaking and the sunshine is beginning to come back out.. 

Uh oh, Ms. Pats Golf Cart is getting pelleted…. we need some more cover around here..  Oh No!  Not another “project”!  Lets see, I’m going to have to think about this a little.  I’m tired of building stuff.  Is there ever an end to it?

The next couple of months will be our “Winter” here in Arizona. It will be like this off and on and cool off for a spell. It was 32* when we got up this morning and it may get down in the 20’s a time or two but we enjoy the simple Winters here.

Meanwhile, I was as “snug as a bug in a rug” with my little heater going in my shop while I was playing with one of my new “Black Friday” toys!  I just love my shop. It's definitely my “Man Cave”!! I even have my XM/Sirius radio hooked up, so I can listen to "Willie's Roadhouse" !! Hot Dog!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you are all safe and sound and "hunkered" in for the Winter. God Bless you all and don’t forget to stop and give thanks to our Father in Heaven for all his many Blessings.


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Jim and Sandie said...

You keep a close eye on that Ms Megabyte2. We don't want her having a heart attack with the company you're having. Hope you get some good pictures of your visitor. I showed the picture of your new toy to Jim and he was impressed. I'm impressed because you guys are. lol

Anonymous said...

It might just be a feral cat. Our cats have a fit if a wild cat comes around the house.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Okay, Pop's I really don't think Gina is going to be happy that some other cat is messing up her rock garden. You are definitely having too much fun in that shop of yours. It's not winter in Arizona yet??? That stuff shouldn't be there yet. Just glad it's there and not here in Houston.
Love and Hugs,
Your Kids

Jack said...

Is that a 10/22 Mike? The classic .22 I have had one since 1966. A great little gun. Now you just need a .22 Mark III to go with it.

Margie and Roger said...

Roger said a bobcat sounds likes like a baby squelling and it will make your skin crawl hearing it. Hope you get another photo. Please keep Ms Megabyte2 safe.

Bruce said...

Watch out for Ms. Megabyte2, regardless of what kind of cat that is it might look at a domestic cat as a food source. Glad you are getting use and like your game camera.

butterbean said...

Howdy Mike,
It looks like a feral cat to me..
A Robert-kitty would be much larger
and all of that screeching you heard was probably Mismegabyte2 trying to get inside.. Maybe you can borrow Greg White's Mister for a while ..
He eats dogs maybe he'd like a feral cat!! You can't blame the bad weather on Nick Russell, YET!!! He's
still causing storms in Florida!!

Allen DuGuay said...

I like that camera, keeps life interesting as to what is going on at night. That was some good size hail. No better way to pass a little time then in ones Man Cave. Have a great week. Nice pictures also.

Happytrails said...

Doesn't sound like Ms. Megabyte2 likes this new visitor! Keep her safe!
Wow! Snow already!!
I bet you have a blast in your "man cave." Enjoy!