Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wildlife Camera

The Wildlife camera has been clicking away in the front yard.............
Way back on Dec 5TH, the camera caught this guy paying us a visit.  As you can see, it was cool that evening at almost 9:00pm…….37 deg. I’ll bet he is looking for a warm bowl of milk.

Then this fellow stopped by around 5:22 am on the 8TH of Dec.  It was freezing that morning. He probably wouldn’t pass up a saucer of warm milk either.

On Dec 17TH it caught Julie, our mail lady,  just as she was leaving. Dale and Julie are great North Ranch neighbors and pick up our mail for us everyday when they go to the Post Office.  It was an enjoyable 65 deg at 1:26 pm. Strange how it gets so cool here in the Winter at night but warms up so nice in the daytime…. makes sleeping real good!

Whoops!!  Then it caught me "moseying" out one morning.....I "mosey" a lot. :-)

We’re really getting the wildlife, aren’t we? Here is Ms. Pat taking some pots and pans out to the motorhome.  Maybe I better move the camera to the backyard….:-)

WGI_0005-1 it is in the back yard.  First night it catches our friend at 10:00pm . I don’t want to feed them but it's been real dry and I thought a little water wouldn’t hurt.  I think this is a beautiful Cat.

"Blackie" had stopped by a little earlier and had a “sip”.  I don’t see how these feral cats stay alive roaming around the area with all the coyotes, mountain lions and whatever else is out there. They must be "tuff" and smart. I never see these cats anywhere around in the daytime.

It caught a picture of me filling the water pan..

I get lots of Bunny "Wabbits"……….

And "Boids".....lots of "Boids".....(That's cat talk for birds)  :-)

One of the first pictures I got right after I set the camera up in the back yard way back on Nov 25TH was Mr. Coyote.  It was just after midnight and I have never seen him since. The camera must have really scared him off. I keep trying to get him again but no luck yet! We’ll keep on clicking and let you know what else we see out there in the dark of night…

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We are so happy and "honored" to have one of the WORLD'S most well known, famous Bloggers right here in our desert boon docking less than a mile from our doorstep. The BAYFIELD BUNCH is very close.  We are looking forward to getting together with them before they vamoose the area.  Al and Kelly, we can’t wait to meet you guys.  If there is ANYTHING you need, please let us know.

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all.


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Karyn-Lee said...

I love your wildlife cam. Even if it gets the peoplelife in it!

Keep up the great blog!

Jim said...

Mike, thats a cute shot of the bunny wabbit. My wildlife cam catches a few rabbits, but over here they are mostly long eared & long legged jack rabbits. some of them look to be 3 ft tall.

The Odd Essay said...

I use 2 game cameras... had to buy the steel cable last year when one camera got stolen. I also had to remind my husband of some of his "outdoor" habits when I have my cameras set up... ;-) I don't get domestic animals too often, but one never knows...

Suzie Arizona said...

That coyote looked a little plump. I hope he's not snacking on those cats.

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a hoot those pictures are. I would probably sit for hours and just look at the shots.
We are headed your way in a few weeks. Should be there around April 9. Louise and Duane are some of our best friends. Please tell them we say HI! ~wheresweaver

mountainborn said...

Just love the "top knot" quail photo. I just love to hear them calling.

squawmama said...

what fun photos...
Travel safe

Elaine said...

good thing the bunny wasn't around when mr coyote came to visit....great pictures....enjoy your visit with Al and Kelly !!! :)

Donna K said...

Great wildlife shots - that first cat is a real beauty.

Sue and Doug said...

I 'thought I saw a puddy cat'! great that the Bayfield Bunch is close enough to visit!!!..can't wait to read all about it!!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

It's good of you to put out water for the critters. Makes their life just a little easier.

My nephews put out a game camera along a deer trail on the farm and caught a mama mountain lion & a couple young ones. Game & Parks doesn't quite have it right when they say there's no breeding population in NE Nebr. There is and has been for quite a while.

Al Bossence said...

Hey Mike, better get that wildlife cam revved up cause rumor has it you have a couple dusty wild life characters crawling out of the desert & headed your way this afternon around 1 o'clock.

Sherry and Charley Dilworth said...

We can relate to the moseying!! We try to do that at every opportunity!