Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday

Now I know Spring is about to SPRING!!!
It’s GARAGE SALE Saturday at North Ranch…………that’s a sure sign of SPRING! I was up and at ‘em bright and early and at 8:00 am had all my “stuff” set out. Oh Boy!! It was a grand day and the weather was perfect. 

Just look at all that traffic..........garage sales all over the place.  We were busy, busy!!!

Oh and here is the BAYFIELD BUNCH……………but wait.....what the heck?  No Al.... Ha Ha.
 I don’t blame you Al…….I would have stayed home too! Smile

Uh Oh!  Look what we have here.  Ms. Pat has been looking for a Pet Stroller for you know who?   Geri called and told her that she better get over and look at the one that was for sale up by their place. So she took off and this is what she came back with…  Oh my!  Will Ms. Megabyte2 like this? Hmmm.  Maybe...maybe not??

Ms. Pat cleaned it up a bit, then put her in for a little ride.  You can just barely see her peaking out.  She took a nice long ride and she was fascinated by everything that moved…………:-)

Soon she told me “MEOW”!!   I’m sure that translated into “I’m ready to get out now”! We will start out giving her short rides now and then and maybe she will get used to it and want to go more. Ms. Pat tells me I can now push Mega2 since I have been slack on my morning walks.  I knew there was a method in her madness!!

The Garage Sale went great and I sold a big 3/4”drive socket set and a very good Catalytic Heater. Two big items that I don’t need any more.  The crowd was all gone and we were closed up by noon.  I even got a couple extra “bucks” in my pocket now!  Of course, I had to deduct some for the stroller but I’m happy!! 

We asked Kelly and Al of the Bayfield Bunch over for a Buffalo Burger the other night.  I knew Al was a “Burger Guy”,  so I wanted to expose him to a Buffalo Burger....the greatest "burger meat" in the world....IMHO!    Ms. Pat also fixed some of her “special” mashed potatoes for them and Kelly brought some delicious baked beans. Al cleaned his plate right up and Ms. Pat asked if he wanted some more Cauliflower.  “Cauliflower?", he said, “Mike told me that was Mashed Potatoes.”!!  Ms. Pat told him, "Well you can’t believe everything Mike says. That was Cauliflower!"  :-)  Al said, “Well, I still liked it anyhow because I like Cauliflower!

Ms. Megabyte2 took a likin' to Al.  She goes to him whenever he stops by.  I can tell Al has a way with animals.  He loves them and they know it.  She also has this trick she plays on me all the time. Whenever I get up out of a chair, she immediately jumps in it.  Then she looks at me as if, "This is MY CHAIR!!" Smile

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Looks like a great day and the sale went fine too,then to cap off a perfect day you had guests for supper. I see you have your initials in big letters painted on the street, MPH, for Mike & Pat's House. Be able to find you easier. Have a great week. Sam & Donna..

Sue and Doug said...

glad the garage sale was a success!!..nice to get rid of unnecessary items!!!

Rod Ivers said...

I bought one of those buffalo burgers in the park up in SD when they were cooking them to raise money. Boy was that a good sandwich.....

Muffy's Marks said...

Love garage sales, we didn't get to any this year. (frown)

Happy Hatter Bev said...

Kudos on your successful sales! When Harold Schafer-Mr. Bubble-bought 75% of Medora, ND, he soothed the anxieties of the townspeople by having a buffalo bbq every evening complete with potato salad, beans and buns, free of charge for an entire summer. Lucky me to have worked for Theodore Roosevelt NP at the time!! :-)

Al Bossence said...

"Ms. Pat has been looking for a Pet Stroller for you know who"?

Well yes Mike, we know who Pat got it for, but how are you ever going to get into it??

Bruce said...

I think you need to get a dog to be company for Ms. Mega II. She needs to learn loyalty and respect and that can only ge taught by a dog.... She is in charge.