Sunday, December 9, 2012

Memory Season….

Real Cowboy!!
I ran across this picture the other day and it struck me as funny. I don’t know why, not something I would do, I don’t think. Maybe one of my boys would have, but Not Me!   But it brought back memories of back in the days I dealt with these big old boys for a living. I can almost read that  old Bull's mind as he thinks “What in the World”!! Smile Smile

This is another one that really hit home with me. You have all seen those “Big Kitty Condo’s”, we have contemplated buying one for Ms. Megabyte2 many times. This is exactly what she would probably do if we spent the big bucks on one of these.  She would sleep on an old pasteboard box!!!   That is real true “Cat Logic”!! 

In Ms. Pats quilting, for practice, she made Ms Megabyte2 her own personal quilt.  It is pretty neat and has little mice and kitties, etc. on it.  She machine quilted the "little flowers" and "stippling" on the quilt.  That was her first try at "free motion" quilting. (Ms Pat filled in the quilting terms.)   I told Ms. Pat, “Now that you went to all that work for her, she probably won’t lay on it”.
Well, she sure proved me wrong! Ms. Pat laid it on the floor and left it for a while. It wasn’t long until she found it and snuggled down on it.  She likes it !!Smile Thanks Mom!

Yesterday was the monthly “steel shoot” at the range.  Above is one of the guys shooting one of the scenarios which consists of only steel targets.  There were four different set ups.  See the little green line on the ground....that's the shooting line. 

This is a little closer look at the target arrangement, The green plate is the one you shoot first and then you proceed to the dreaded “Texas Star” in the center. You have to shoot the little black plates on the "star". When you hit the first one it knocks it off and that sets the “star” in motion and it rocks back and forth.   And if you happen to hit one of those standing steel targets in front of the Texas Star, you are penalized.  After you finish shooting all the black plates on the "star", you shoot down the "poppers" (the little men).  Then when you get all that done, you shoot the black plate way back in the shadows on the right and that stops the clock.  It's tough but fun and uses up a lot of bullets!

When we got home from the Range we started putting up Christmas decorations, untangling strings of lights and unpacking Mom’s faithful old "ceramic" Christmas tree.  That sure brings back memories. I can see Mom smiling while we sit it up…..

Milt and Jayne's beautiful home in Surprise, AZ.
We had to go to the big city Friday for another Dr. appointment, but one of our favorite shooting buddies ask us to stop by his place which is right in the area where we would be. He has a shooting set up that he wanted to show us, one that he could set up right in the back yard and shoot, or even maybe on our front screened in porch.  What?  Really?  Hey....we don’t want any holes in that screen. This Blog is getting a little long so I’ll wait to show you pictures and tell you more about it next time.

Thanks for stopping by, come on back Wednesday and I’ll show you our new Practice Range, if I get it set up like Milt and Jayne showed us.  It's NEAT!!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

We continue to Praise the Lord and His Angels for all the blessings he provides us along with all the beautiful Memories of the past... God Bless you all.


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Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Mike - Is there ever a problem with ricochets when shooting at those steel targets? Looks like fun!

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Oh how true with the "Cat Logic." We try to buy Bella different items that WE think she will enjoy...nope! She likes her one old blanket the best.

I think you have a quilter in the family!

We have my mom's ceramic tree also. Makes me feel she is in the room with us.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

A cat will always find any quilt within range and claim it for their own. If I so much as lay a quilt block on the floor one of them is on it, just like that!

Janna and Mike said...

I can't believe Ms. Pat is all ready free motion quilting--looks great!!!

Al Bossence said...

Before we had dogs, we had cats, so I do understand that cat logic alright. Quilt looks great & how nice to see Ms Megabyte likes it too. Only time I ever fired a hand gun was in 1965. I was in the Navy & the gun was a .45 service revolver or someting. Think it held a nine shot clip up the butt. My target was a charging enemy soldier figure. I missed him every time & the wooden target jumped on me & beat me up pretty good.........:))

Elaine said...

very nice kitty quilt glad she likes it..i'm in the process of learning to free hand on my new quilting machine..always was a hand quilter but this would be so much faster...

Nan said...

Nice job on the quilt. John loves your shooting stories.