Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa Stopped By

Christmas was a quiet day around here but Ms. Pat informed me early that Santa had stopped. Terri, our daughter, surprised us with this beautiful glassware.

Ms. Megabyte2 didn’t want to get up, so she just stayed on her kitty quilt that Ms. Pat made for her.

Later she ventured out to Ms. Pat's chair with her lap quilt in it. She really loves all these quilts that Ms Pat is making.  I was in the chair next to her with my computer on my lap and the TV blaring away. With all the bad weather they were showing, I was glad we were all at home with no plans to go anywhere.

Ms. Megabyte2 gets tired of watching TV but she loves to sit on my chair at the dining table and watch out the window.

Ms. Pat spent most of her day in her sewing room. She was looking for a table for her sewing machine and found this one in Wickenburg. Just what she wanted but it had this sewing machine with it. Well she talked me into going and hauling it home for her. WOW, was it ever heavy. I asked her why she needed another sewing machine, as she already had a really nice one. She answered “Why do you need more than one gun”?.................Hmmmm, the defense rests! Winking smile

The new machine is a Pfaff and is all set up for “small jobs” on this little table.  Ms Pat says she can take this machine to her sewing classes and not have to take the other machine out of the sewing table.

Here she has her favorite machine, a Bernina, set up in the new sewing table behind a “new” project she has been working on. I asked her what the project was and who it was for but I didn’t get much of an answer. Hmmmm, looks interesting.

Wow, all these parts and pieces, all sewn together one by one. Gee....this quilting is a LOT of work but Ms Pat loves it.     

I don’t know what this is or who it is for, but it sure has lots of Cowboys, Horses, Spurs, Boots and Sheriff’s Badges on it!  Very interesting.......

Now the big pieces and the little pieces start coming to together……

These corners are complicated.   Good thing Ms. Pat has lots of patience!

It's still on the "drafting board" and Ms Pat says it will be a real challenge to get all those little squares to match up but she is getting there.  It's shaping up and I think it's beautiful!!  Boy, I sure hope I know who this is for!! Smile

In between all this work on the quilt, Ms. Pat cooked a beautiful Christmas “HAM” dinner and all the trimmings.   She knows I love Ham and Man-O-Man, she cooked a beautiful one!! Plus, we still have a bunch left over!!  I don’t get much Ham, so it was a special treat from my “special” lady.

Good Woman

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!! 

We are so thankful for all the many blessings we have as we paid tribute to our Lord Jesus Christ on His Birthday.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope your Christmas was as “blessed” as ours.


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where's weaver said...

Ms. Megabyte2 looks so comfortable. What cute photos.

Ms. are becoming such a gifted quilter. Your work is beautiful.

You two now need to begin to get ready for your big NY Ev celebration.

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

Boy, Ms. Pat sure does beautiful work. Glad your Christmas Day was great!

Sue and Doug said...

Merry Christmas !!!..the quilts are beautiful!!

René and Jeanette Genereux said...

Nice overview of your Christmas. Nice work with all the quilting too.

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Smart move on resting the defense regarding the answer to, "why do you need another sewing machine…"

Looks like Ms. Pat will have plenty of fun quilting.

Elaine said...

talk about quilting have a house full of better hope she doesn't plan to collect as many sewing machines as you have guns lol..

Rod Ivers said...

About time for another new motorcycle or something like that as a makeup toy.... Well don't go and say that outloud, I still want Miss Pat to like me when we finally meet some day......

Janna and Mike said...

Smart move for the "defense to rest"! A belated Merry Christmas to both of you!

Nan said...

In our motorhomme, we carry the quilts that John's mom started. I have no idea how to finish them! Hummmm

Al Bossence said...

Wow, that sure is a lot of quilting swatches going on there. Lots of color. Can't imagine having the patience to keep track of everything & taking the time to pull it all together into a beautiful quilt. Have to be careful opening doors at your place on windy days. Could blow all those swatches right upside down. Then for sure you would be in one big heap of trouble. You have a bunch of guns like I have a bunch of cameras & we both like to go out shooting with them:))