Sunday, December 30, 2012

That Is All She Wrote For 2012!

Yep, “She” is about over. "She" being the year 2012. This will be my last Blog Post until next year..

I don’t need to sit and wonder where it went.  I keep a calendar log and I can look back to see where it went! Day by day, every day I keep track of all kinds of things including the high and low temperatures for the day and anything else that I consider special that happened that day. Why do I do this? I don’t know, habit I guess, but I have done it for years and years. Even way back when I was working for a living.  It really comes in handy more than you think it would.  I can’t count the times we have looked back in those calendar logs when we wanted to remember stuff.

As I look back on 2012, it was a good year for us. We were able to enjoy our home here in North Ranch near Wickenburg, AZ during the Winter, Spring and part of the Fall of 2012.

We completed our place in Custer, South Dakota this Summer by adding on the Shelter for the Motorhome.

As a sort of “Finale”,  we decided our very last project would be a front porch. We wrapped that up in August. We had the opportunity to sit back and enjoy both these places that we had worked so hard for. We are so happy with both of our homes, it is like a dream come true. We thank all of you that had such an important part in making many of these projects come true. I think I can say all our projects are completed and we are now able to relax and enjoy the benefits…. 

As I said, we have a lot of great friends to be thankful to for all of this. So many that I can’t even name them all in fear of missing someone. But you know who you are and so do we.  However, it was our Heavenly Father that put you all in our lives and made all these blessings happen.   We continue to praise Him for his presence.

I don’t have room to mention all the events that took place this year but one of the most meaningful and pleasant for me and Ms Pat was the birth of Granddaughter Shala’s twin girls, Alice and Cora. They are so beautiful. What a gift from God!!

When we left South Dakota in September, we had a wonderful trip on to Florida where we spent time with friends and family. It was hard to leave them as there is never enough time. We continued on home to North Ranch where we have been comfortably enjoying the winter and staying unbelievably busy.

It was a GREAT WEEK and it was a GREAT YEAR!!!!

We want to wish everyone;

A Happy and Safe New Year…….

Thanks for stopping by………come on back again when you can.


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

May you, Pat and your family have many new and rewarding times in this Blessed New Year to come. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Kevin and Tracy (a.k.a. kcgaz) said...

May the good Lord bless both of you with continued good health and happiness in the New Year!

Jack said...

Mike, I had to chuckle reading your blog. Now, you KNOW your projects are not just have not "found" the next one yet!! But it is waiting for you! Hopefully in the next year we will get back to North Ranch and maybe I can help you "find" that project ;)

Sue and Doug said...

Happy new year to you both!

where's weaver said...

Alice and Cora are gorgeous.

It was so wonderful to meet up with you two not once but twice in one year. Hope to see you again in 2013.

Wishing you three a healthy and bless 2013.

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Nan said...

Happy New Year! I enjoyed your 2012 highlights. You had a great year.

TravelBug-Susan said...

You had a very good year.

The photo of you holding the twins reminds me of the tragedy/comedy Janus masks. A frowning mask representing Melpomene, muse of tragedy and a smiling mask representing Thalia, muse of comedy. Just sayin'.

Happy 2013.

Janna and Mike said...

Wishing you and Pat a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Al Bossence said...

Know what you mean by being unbelievably busy. Nice way to be sometimes. Gives a feller a reason to get up in the morning...