Sunday, December 23, 2007

DONE !!!! Hooray!!!!!

6-TAPE & MUD----------------DONE
7-CEILING PAINT-------------DONE
8-WALL PAINT----------------DONE
10-TRIM WORK--------------- DONE

Hip Hip Hooray !!!!!!

WOW, are we happy this week!!!! It's DONE!!!! We waited 3 days for the painters to show up and yesterday,,,,,,finally they came and finished touching up and second coating some of the trim.........Now its drying and I'll have to clean the tile floor a couple times and it will be DONE!!!!

Now Pat can move the Hide a Bed from the 5th wheel into the Coach House and start looking for a Love Seat to replace it. She has been waiting for that! We have a few other things like Towel Bars, Mirrors, etc. to do. Oh Ya, we have the Wet Bar to do yet, but the major stuff is done!!
It will be ready for you all to come down and spend a few nights with us now!!!!

Here are a few pictures of the final week...
(click on them to enlarge)

Shower installed,,,,,This was a TOUGH one!

Pedestal Sink in........

Stool in,,,,, (works too!) :-)

Hot Water Heater in and full of water....

The Door Knob for the bathroom still has to be installed as soon as the paint is dry, but the doors are all finished and painted (2 coats) Bathroom on left, Utility room on right.
We framed the Air Conditioner on the outside.
This was the bathroom when we first laid it out, Oct 25.
Remember this picture, I took it back on 10.21.2007? Jack Mayer and Pat were discussing what we were going to do....
Here it is NOW! Its interesting to note that it is EXACTLY 2 Months to the date.
Quite a lot accomplished......More than I expected. I'm glad its over. I DO NOT like that kind of work.........Never did, Never will!!!! Give me a truck or a car and a wrench, I enjoy that a LOT more....
As usual there are more pictures on my web albums if you care to venture over there:
Your comments are appreciated.....keep them coming.
Joanne, thanks for using "shout box"!!!!
Here it is ONLY 2 days until Christmas........WOW, yesterday it was 77 deg and the day before it was 86. We haven't used any heat or AC for weeks!!! Wish you all could enjoy this great weather. Come see us !!!
Merry CHRISTMAS Everybody !!!!!!!
Its a GREAT DAY !!!!!!

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