Sunday, December 16, 2007

SLOW going !!!

6-TAPE & MUD----------------DONE
7-CEILING PAINT-------------DONE
8-WALL PAINT----------------DONE
10-TRIM WORK---------------
11-FINAL PLUMBING---------

I'm real disappointed in the progress we made this week. This Bathroom Shower is taking forever. Most of the trim is done and I could "almost" mark it off, but not quite. Still painting it.

The Final Electric is also "almost" done, but not quite.

So close, but yet so far. Should have been done a couple weeks ago.

Here are a few more pictures. (Click on them to enlarge)

Air Conditioner is installed... Its real quiet and does a good job...

Here is how it looked on the outside. We will frame around it with trim.

This is the corner in the bathroom where the shower goes. Here is where the problem came in. The drain was not in the proper place to fit the shower base, so it had to be moved. No big deal right? WRONG!!!! Its supposed to be in dirt,,,it wasn't. They had poured SOLID concrete around it and DEEP!!! We had to rent an Electric Hammer and remove about 6" of it. It was HARD concrete!!!! Now that we are ready to install the base, the floor is so unlevel that we have to build a concrete base for it..........All while they are trying to install and paint the trim. We were getting in each other's way.......

This is the utility room opening where we are installing the Bi-Fold doors. Sorry the picture is so dark. The flash went out on my Nikon,,,right when I need it most. Factory says its probably a Bulb blown. Gotta send it in.......bummer..

This is the shelf we built in the utility room for the Water Heater. It will soon be painted and a ROD installed in the front for support.

That's it for last week. Kind of a "problem" week. Hopefully I will have more progress to show you next week.....

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