Sunday, December 9, 2007

Floor Done !!

One more item completed and crossed off the list.

6-TAPE & MUD----------------DONE
7-CEILING PAINT-------------DONE
8-WALL PAINT----------------DONE
10-TRIM WORK---------------
11-FINAL PLUMBING---------

THREE more to go!!!! It will be interesting to see how much we can get done next week. Maybe we'll get all 3 done, hope so!!!

Pat is anxious to move the sofa from the Teton out to the Coach House. That will be the first piece of furniture to go in it. She will then start shopping for a new love seat for inside the Teton.

Here is the new floor....................

The Living Room Area

The Bathroom. The plumbing on the left outside the bathroom is for a ''wet bar".

I did get the "Can Lights" up in the ceiling. (7 of them)

And the Ceiling Fan/light....(It works!!)

Last but not least,,,,,,the Bathroom Fan/Light. That's a start on #12 the Final Electrical....

That's our progress for this week. Its starting to shape up and shouldn't be long now. I can hardly wait!

Come back next week for a progress report. I'll keep you posted. Christmas is right around the corner and I see more decorations going up all around us.

This might be a good time to wish all our friends a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!

Until next time, take care!!!! BE SAFE!

It's a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!


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