Sunday, September 20, 2009

EOS (End Of Summer) Blow Out in the Toy Barn...

Yesterday we had a Big END of SUMMER get together in the Toy Barn. We invited friends and neighbors for one last get together before we head South.

We got the Toy Barn all set up for a Party.

Pat and Dale Bruss got the food and settings all prepared.

As usual, the get together started at 4pm for some serious discussion and renewing old friendships and food was served at 5pm. It wasn't long until we were all seated and enjoying all the good food. We provided the Brats and everyone brought a specialty dish. Dale prepared Italian meat balls and sausage. Our friends and neighbors Shirley and Bob Stewart provided Hors d'oeuvres that included "sheep" sausage.  It was all delicious!!! A little more after dinner discussions and it was soon time for the hugs and handshakes  and say Goodbye until next year. Travel safe and have a good winter everyone!

When we went on our early morning walk out at Stockade Lake, we saw this balloon taking off over the lake.  The very next morning we saw another one (picture below) just lifting off. I thought it was going to take a dip in the lake.  The basket got awful close!  Click on these pictures to enlarge them and notice the reflection in the lake. It was about 7:30 am and the sun was just perfect...

The Fall colors are really beginning to show up here in the Black Hills and it is really enjoyable to ride the Harley in this beautiful country.  The traffic is way down and the weather has just been outstanding.....40 deg mornings and 75 deg highs are MY kind of weather.

While Ms Pat was doing other things, I took a couple of very enjoyable 40-50 mile trips around the area on the Harley Softail. I knew all the Buffalo would be in the south end of the park as they prepare for the annual Buffalo Roundup in about a week, so I took one of my trips out that way. Sure enough, there they were right along the road. So I stopped and took this picture.

Soon I will be loading the Bike on the back of the Volvo with the special Rampage Loader and probably  won't unload it until we get to South Texas.

I hate to leave a Bike out in the weather without a cover. I haven't been able to find a cover that can be left on while you're hauling or towing your bike. In fact, I've ruined 2 of them already. Our Friends Gary and Jennifer Roessler told us about a cover that is "guaranteed" for towing. It's called the Geza Cover. The Roesslers haul 2 Harleys on the back of their Freightliner. So I have been in contact with Tom, the owner of the Geza Cover Company, and he is making me a cover that I can tow with. GUARANTEED!! It should be here this week. While Gary and Jennifer were here they gave us a nice long training scession and demonstration on how to use the Rampage Loader. So we feel much more confident doing it now. Thanks guys!!!

We still have a lot to do to get ready to depart on the 30TH and it is getting closer and closer!!

But let me tell was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for dropping by.....please stop back on Wednesday if you can.  I'll look for ya!

Remember to tell your kids you love them....they may not be around forever.

We're off to Church.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

Mike, you're a good guy! We went to Church last evening, so we're covered for the weekend.

Loved your ballooon pictures - nice and sharp - the reflections look great.

Do I detect the look of Live Writer in your blog today, or is it just "convert fever" on my part?

Rick said...

Great blog, Mike - and, very nice pics especially of the balloons over the lake!

Al Bossence said...

Great balloon pics. See, it's not only us bloggers that are full of hot air:))
I would be interested in seeing some pics of that motorcycle loader on the back of the car. Hard for me to get a concept of that.