Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ONE WEEK from TODAY, we will be on the Road Again!!!

I don't have much time this morning as we have to leave home and take the Volvo Truck into Rapid City and have the oil and all filters changed, along with a full lube job. It's an annual affair done here because the labor flat rate is $70.00.....much lower than it is anywhere that I know of.   Some are $100.00!!!

It's 50 miles to the Volvo garage and we want to get there early, so we'll be leaving about 7:00am. It takes a couple hours to service one of these big trucks.  It holds 10 gallons of oil, that's 40 quarts. It has 3 oil filters, 2 fuel filters and 1 coolant filter, plus an air filter. I like to get there early so if they should see anything that needs repair, I have a chance to get it done the same day.  However, I have learned not to take that for granted, so I hook the Honda CRV on behind and take it with us.  Plus, I also have transportation to go get supplies down town while the truck is being worked it's gonna be a BUSY DAY.  In fact, since we only have ONE WEEK until departure, its gonna be a BUSY WEEK!

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Mark and Dale Bruss departed yesterday morning. Here they are all hooked up and ready to hit the road towards Hutchinson, KS. That is the same place we're going when we leave here next Wed. There's a big group of us heading there for the annual HDT (Heavy Duty Truck) Rally. Mark and Dale are going early because Dale has to catch a flight to Pensacola, FL. and help her parents move into an assisted living apartment.

Mark and Dale have been here with us for just over 3 weeks and we miss them already.  I hate GoodBye's. It's always so sad to see our good friends leave. It's been great having them around and Mark really earned more than his keep!! I am so happy to have our "TOY BARN" all hooked up with electricty and the RV utility box installed..  It's SOOoooo nice to have lights!!!

Plus, my computer bit the dust a few days ago.  Mark saved the day again.....he had to completely "nuke" it and bring it back from the DEAD!!!  It took him several days and some huge downloads, but as usual he did a perfect job and it's like new again!!!  He is one of the best computer "guru's" we know. If he can't fix it, it can't be fixed.  It's mighty handy to have him around.  See you guys soon and travel safe!!!

Sunday afternoon Ms Pat and I took a nice long ride on the Harley out through the Custer State Park. We went down Needles Highway, cut across to Iron Mountain Road, then down the Wild Life Loop and back up over Mt. Coolidge and home.  About 65 miles and the colors are turning beautifully....a very enjoyable trip....Praise the Lord!!!  We have so much to be thankful for!

With that, we have to get out of here....time to go.

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!


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Nick Russell said...

We're gettg closer to starting our winter travels too, and I'm really looking forward to scratching this hitch itch.

Rick said...

Wow - 40 qts. of oil and 3 oil filters! I guess you don't just drive into a Speedy-Lube with that kind of rig! Looks to be a very busy week ahead for your both as you get ready to hit the road - good luck with your preparations.

Jerry and Suzy said...

How exciting to be just about up,up, and away! Ooops, that's supposed to be "On the Road Again!"

We'll be on the road for a couple of weeks pretty soon, so we'll have some travel to blog about too! Won't have to brag about grilling tilapia!

Pat looks great in her leathers.

Debbie Goode said...

We probably have at least another month before we head south, but we are starting to see some color here in Indiana.....I just love it!