Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the ROAD AGAIN!!!

Well, we "Jumped the Gun" and left Yesterday!!! There was possible rain and/or snow showers forecast for Wednesday, so we decided to go Tuesday. Monday was a hectic day getting things done in one day that I planned on having two days to do.....but we made it.  We left Custer at 0915, it was a SUPERB day, weather was perfect!!! We went down Hwy 385 to my old home town of Alliance, Ne...then turned Southeast on hwy 2...right through the GREAT sandhills...where I was kinda homesick there for a bit, but kept on truckin!  We were going to Kearney and spend the night in Cabela's parking lot.

However, about 7 hours and 340 miles into the trip, we decided to cut it a little short and stop in Broken Bow, Nebr. Broken Bow is a little town of about 3500 great country, western folks and is a town that has some great and some not so great, Rodeo memories for me. I call it "Broken Bones", as I got broken up here quite seriously one time. This is Rodeo Country and I do have some stories I could tell about my  Rodeoing days here back in the early 50's, but that will have to wait for another time.  The old Truck Stop and Resturant is still there with the big parking lot. That was our home for last night. The Truck Stop is all closed up but the Restaurant is still going strong!!  Pat went in and asked if we could spend the night and they replied "SURE"!  Things sure change, as this used to be a very busy 24 hour place. Not anymore, it was relatively quiet all night. 

Ms Megabyte2 is a little confused about this "moving house" but she did pretty good.  We put her up in the truck with us and she found her neat little cubby hole under the table and stayed there most of the trip.  She came out once to eat a bite and get a drink of water while we were stopped at some construction but she went right back to her cubby hole as soon as we started rolling again. She's a sweet kitty and a wonderful companion.

We had a great trip. The wind was in our face most of the afternoon, but that's Nebraska.  It sure hurt my fuel mileage, though. The Harley cover did good, even in the 15-20 mph winds gusting up to 30, which was a good first trip test.

This is the Harley loaded on the Volvo with the Rampage Loader and ready for the cover to be put over it.

  Here it is with the new Towable Cover.  I felt a lot better with some type of protection on the Bike and it showed no signs of coming loose, tearing or ripping. So,although I wish it was a little larger, they say it has to be stretched as tight as possible.  Soon I will be getting a separate cover for the front wheel and fender and who knows it might get a little bigger as it gets fitted and broke in.
Today we should have no problem going the next 300 miles on in to Hutchinson, Kansas for the Heavy Duty Truck Rally. Several of our friends are already there and we are looking forward to seeing them..
But FIRST, I'm gonna run over to this Ole' Cowboy Resturant and have me a good ole' fashioned COWBOY BREAKFAST!!.......WAHOO,,,,, (uh oh, don't tell Ms Pat!!:-)
See ya Sunday....thanks for stopping by!
It is a GREAT WEEK!!!
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Al Bossence said...

Wished I was there having one of those big WAHOO BREAKFASTS with ya. It's my favorite kind of food stop when we're traveling. And the bigger the WAHOO the better!!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Ain't it great to be on the road again! And even a day early, to boot. Have a great time at your rally, have a great time on your trip. Give Ms Pat a hug for us, and pet Ms Mega2 for us. Be sure you do it right -- hug Ms Pat, pet Ms Mega2 when you do it for us.

Rick said...

Congratulations on getting on the road, that's great! That motorcycle cover sure must be strong material as the way it's stretched so tight, it looks for sure like it would tear. Drive safely and enjoy your trip!

Carol said...

reminds me of the Willy Nelson song ON THE ROAD AGAIN. Safe travels!! :)+

Debbie Goode said...

What's this? Eating OUT!! Oh my, don't worry your secret is safe with me.....