Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Hike with the Kids,

It's early when I post this, but Pat mentioned that TODAY is 09/09/09.. Wow, that doesn't happen very often....REMEMBER to be sure and FLY YOUR FLAG on 09/11/09!!!!!!

Did you notice the NEW pictures we put under the Header above? They are photo's of some of our favorite spots around the area, all within 10 miles of our place.
The First one on the left is of Pat standing on top of Little Devils Tower in Custer State Park.
The Second one is us taken several years ago on Lovers Leap.(our favorite)
The Third is of Rhoda Roper and us on Sunday Gulch, the same hike we took yesterday with Lisa and Randy.
The Fourth is our "private" spot we found while working in the Park where you can see Mt. Rushmore through the tree tops.
The last Photo was taken on the arm of Chief Crazy Horse. We have hiked and driven up there many, many times.

If you click on any of the Photo's, it will take you to our Web Albums where there are more.

(click on all photo's to enlarge) I Hope!

The kids from Florida are visiting and the weather has been perfect. The nights around 45-50 deg and every day the highs have been around 80*. They are having a ball. They love to hike and so do we... so every day (except Sunday) we have taken them on an early morning hike!

On Labor Day we picked them up at the Calamity Peak Motel at 7:30 AM and headed for our favorite hike on Lover's Leap. This is a 3 mile strenuous hike that has one of the most beautiful views in Custer State Park.

This is Ms Pat and her daughter Lisa sitting at the top of Lovers Leap. As you can see, it is quite a high ledge and the cliff drops straight down behind them.

Lisa, Ms Pat and Randy. Here you can see the great view behind them. Way back in the background is Mt Coolidge, Custer State Park's Fire Lookout Tower and Radio Control Dispatcher. This is the Operator we received all our Emergency Calls from when we worked with Law Enforcement in the Park.

The kids thought this was an outstanding hike and enjoyed it very much. We were back home before lunch and I began work on my ongoing project of wiring the Toy Barn. I'm getting the wiring in for electrical plugs all around the walls and 4 big lights down the center.

Yesterday we took them on another one of the many hikes here in the Park. This hike is called Sunday Gulch and is in the Sylvan Lake area. It is also rated as a strenuous 3 mike hike. By 10am I was back working on the wiring. Between the hiking and all the ladder climbing pulling wire, it's doing a number on these old legs. When 4pm rolls around, I'm ready to quit and enjoy Happy Hour.

Today we are going to Rapid City for a Dr's appointment for Ms Pat and to replenish supplies, so we will give Lisa and Randy a rest! Ha, I believe I may just enjoy the rest myself!!! Maybe more than they will....LOL. They seem to be in excellent shape and have never shown any sign of weakness. I will say I am surprised, but pleased, to see that they are in good shape and do a lot of walking at home in Florida.

They are quite impressed with the Black Hills of South Dakota and are really enjoying their stay. But it is going fast. They will be leaving Saturday. Today they are headed to see the Badlands and Wall Drug. That will be a full day for them.

Meanwhile, we are headed to the big city.... Thanks for stopping by...

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!


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Rick said...

Looks like you're giving those Florida 'flatlanders' a real workout in the Black Hills, Mike. It's great that they enjoy it so much and you can share the experience together. It sure is a beautiful spot, with lots of great attractions. Nice job on the new header picture.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Hi, Mike! We took the virtual hike up onto Crazy Horse with you. Amazing. I can see there has been progress made since we were there a couple of years ago. Was the ambulance up there just in case? With the Volksmarchers, there could have been some exhaustion, I guess.

Al Bossence said...

Am definitely looking forward to a trip through the Black Hills one day. Great pics Mike. Lookin good:))

Carol said...

I am soooooo clueless as how to get pics up there in that header. you do a great job and love all of the beauty that is around you. so nice to have so many visitor!!!

hugs to both of ya! :)+