Sunday, September 13, 2009


We now have Electricity including LIGHTS in the "TOY BARN"!! Plus, I have an RV electrical Utility Box for visitors. Mark Bruss and I finished up the project Thursday. It's nice to have plugs all the way around the Toy Barn and also the overhead lights. I have been putting this off for a while now and with Mark's help and support, it is completed.... flip the switch and we have LIGHTS!!!! Here are a few pictures:
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RV 50amp electrial Installation Sept 2009 Custer

Friday, we shipped out a couple of PressurePro Systems, while the Kids went to visit Hot Springs and the Mammoth Site, along with Evans Plunge. Then about 3:30 pm, we all took off for the "famous" ALPINE INN in Hill City. We decided to take the Kids and Mark & Dale Bruss out to our favorite restaurant for the BEST Fillet Mignon we have ever found. Those of you that been in this area know that the Alpine Inn is the best. Hill City is a little town just 12 miles north of us. However. since it is SO POPULAR, you have to be there by 4pm. Even though they don't open till 5pm. We were right up front when they opened, but the line went for a long ways out the door. They can seat a 100 people and some of the folks had to wait a while. As usual it was DELICIOUS!!!! This was Randy and Lisa's last day....they flew out Saturday AM. They had a FULL week in the Hills and seemed to enjoy it immensely. The weather during their stay was perfect!!!

Saturday morning before they went to the Airport to catch their flight they stopped by to say Good Bye. It is so sad to see them go. We wish they could hang around forever and they also wish they could stay longer. The time goes by so FAST!!! I know they will be back as soon as they can and they have a lot of memories to share with their friends and family when they get home. They won't soon forget these great BLACK HILLS of South Dakota that we have been telling them so much about about for so long!! Hurry back Randy and Lisa...we love you and miss you already!!!

As of Friday, we have been here 4 Months!!! In just 3 weeks, we will be heading South for the Winter. I always feel sad leaving this place, but the cold weather is getting closer and closer. Yesterday the high for the day was only 55* and last Wednesday it was 30* when we got out of bed...frost all over the place. We don't mind that, but colder weather and SNOW is just around the corner. So the time has came to begin our preparation to head toward the warmer country. South Texas here we come......meanwhile we are enjoying the Fall colors of all the turning leaves.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!

Thanks for stopping by.......

We are off to Church.


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Jerry and Suzy said...

So glad you are having a great summer! And isn't it great to be seeing another good fall, winter and spring of travel to your other favorite places. Keep on writing, we'll keep on reading, and we'll see you in Yuma!

Rick said...

Great job on the electrical in the toy barn, Mike. That will sure make a big difference for you - and, for your visitors! Fall is definitely on the way for sure!

squawmama said...

Hey Mike & Pat... We are way out in the middle of the woods and our internet service is really iffy... Looks like you really had a great time with your kids and enjoyed your time with them. We will be there somewhere around the end of April. Are the campgrounds even open by then? We usually stay at Broken Arrow in Custer. Hope we'll be able to hook up with you then. Have a Blessed Sunday & Travel Safe!

Marilyn Hensley said...

We also love the ALPINE INN!! We asked for a good place to go for my birthday and a local resident told us the ALPINE. We were not disappointed. The desserts are incredible.

Carol said...

So nice to have all the visitors you have had! Enjoy the next few weeks! :)+

Ron and Thelma said...

Now what you neeed is some more toys to put in the toy barn. Ya know you can never have too many toys.