Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Boy's,,,,,

My oldest son and his oldest son drove up from Tucson for a visit.  We sure were glad to see them. They pulled into our new place about 4:30 PM. What a special treat for happy hour!! My son is Mikel and his son is Mikel and I'm Mike. Now that can be confusing when we are all in one place. However, confusing as it is, I think it's neat! We all sat around and caught up on some visiting. We sure don't get to see enough of each other. Then we all piled in the car and went into town for a Chinese dinner. I haven't had one of those for many years and probably won't have another anytime soon. The best thing about it was being with the BOY'S!!!

The next morning they were up and out early and headed up to the Grand Canyon. Mike (Grandson) is on spring break so his Dad agreed to take him on a little trip.
Ms Pat and I sure like the color of his new Pontiac.  Guess that color runs in the family!

Here we all are....Mike, Mike and Mike. Can you tell which is which?  My son is retired from the Army and lives in Tucson where my Grandson is in High School.  Our time together went by way too fast and I wished it could have lasted longer. Sure enjoyed seeing them. I hope we can get together again soon.... real soon!!

We continue to get settled in our new home more and more each day. It was crazy at first...some things were in the 5Th wheel and some in the house. Remembering which was here and what was there was confusing. We were just SO comfortable in that Teton.  The day we moved it to the new place, I told Ms Pat I couldn't leave yet.  I was going to sleep in my regular bed. I knew in time it would be OK but I almost got cold feet. I have been living in an RV for 15 years. It has become my way of life and change never was easy for me and seems to get harder every year. I guess I'm getting old and sentimental. But I'm OK now and we both have become accustomed to the house. Some things are real easy, like no dumping the tank and the 50 gal water heater. NEAT!!!

Gina ROCKS!!!   Gina loves all these rocks.  She and Rollie have made several trips out with the 4 wheeler picking up rocks. She is building us some kind of a neat Rock and Cactus Garden.

Recently Paul and Nancy Wilson (our 4-wheeling buddies) agreed to take us all out to a rock quarry. Gina was so excited.  It was about 20 miles and Paul knows all these back trails better than anybody I know.  So we all took off and here is what we found.

 We didn't go into any of the mine shafts, but there were beautiful Quartz rocks everywhere.

Gina was in Heaven!! She wanted to take them all!! 

Rollie says "Whoa, thats a lot of ROCK!!

Gina is looking hard and Ms Pat has found one just like she wants.

Soon we had all the rocks, big, little and small, that we could dare haul out of there.  It was a beautiful day and very pretty country.  So we loaded up and headed home.  What a great day and neat trip out back of our house in the wild, wonderful desert mountains.  We even saw a Western Diamondback Rattle Snake crossing the trail.  Sorry I didn't get a picture. Thanks Paul for showing us the way.  We brought home a ton of rocks for Gina's planned rock display in our new front yard.  I can't wait to see it when she is done!!

It was a Busy GREAT WEEK!!!!

We are off for early 8am Church church this morning and I'm pleased to say Rollie and Gina are going with us.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Travel Safe!!


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squawmama said...

Good Morning Mike & Pat... How cool is is having all the Mikes together... I am so happy that you enjoyed the time... His car color just happens to be my favorite too... very nice! And you ole ROCK hounds... you should have a beautiful cactus garden to enjoy with all those beautiful rocks! Change is not always easy but sometimes really good!
Have fun & travel safe...

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Looks like you had a great time with Mike Mike and Mike! And I like Mike's sweatshirt since I am an ASU grad from way back.

Nice to have some extra help on the rock garden with Gina, Rollie and Pat! Looking good!

Rick said...

The picture of the 3 Mikes is a great one! All those Mike's in one family sounds familiar. Only in our family the first name was Richard(Rick) - My Grandfather, Uncle, me and 2 cousins!! That rockpile you were working in looks like a prime rattlesnake place. Glad no one got bit by one of those critters!

Dennis M said...

RE:Three Mikes:

Ummm, lest's see, you are the one in the middle, right?

Mark and Dortha said...

Just catching up on blogs. Looks like you had some great family time. Nothing like it!

I think Gina has control of that rock garden!

Glad to hear you are getting settled in to your new house.

Hugs to you both!