Sunday, November 28, 2010

What’s A Guy To Do???

How can a guy write a Blog when he has a kitty on the keyboard? I try to get Ms Megabyte2 to write it for me but she can’t wake up enough.   She loves to jump up on my lap and sleep .... especially on Blog mornings!
Lots of times she gets into Ms Pat’s “IN” basket under her desk.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at David and Sue’s new house with 13 of our good RV’n friends….The Turkey and all the fixin’s including the Ham was especially good.   Mark (of Mark & Dale) was sick and couldn't come ... that's the reason we only had 13.  Hope you're feeling better, Mark.  I borrowed these pictures from Linda's Blog because I forgot my camera. :-(  Thanks Linda!

The wind has been blowing like crazy here for at least 3 days in a row. I was really getting fed up with it. Then yesterday....Wow, what a beautiful day!!  No wind at all!  It was around 43 deg at 7am when we did our walk. A little cool in the morning but it felt great and things warmed up to almost 70 in the afternoon…..Now that’s perfect!!

So we took advantage of such great weather to begin getting things ready to hit the road.  We have to get everything all loaded and prepare the Coach House to be closed up until next year or until the place is sold. We will finish up today and be ready to pull out tomorrow morning.  That will be it for another year in South Texas.   By this time next week, we will be all settled into our new house at North Ranch in Congress, AZ.
Last year, sometime around the end of March, we bought this little house at North Ranch near Wickenburg, AZ that we just love. Rollie and Gina were visiting us at the time and we all worked for 2 solid months fixing and furnishing the place just like we wanted it.  Then we took off for Custer for the summer.  We are so anxious to get back and enjoy all of our hard work.  I can hardly wait.  Rollie and Gina worked really hard helping us get moved in and make it "our" home.  We thank them both so much for all their efforts. Gina said “God sent us to help you”……. Praise the Lord for that.  Gina, you and Rollie are definitely Angels.  We love you and miss you very much.

Rollie and Gina are in Denham Springs, LA with their family until after Christmas but then they'll be headed back to North Ranch to spend some time with us.  We have lots of 4-wheeling and hiking to do.
It looks like another beautiful day is on hand for today. That will help us wrap up the lose ends today and be all ready to go by this time tomorrow.  We will travel up near Del Rio, TX tomorrow and stay the night there and continue on West Tuesday. We should  make EL Paso or maybe Deming, NM by Tuesday evening. Hopefully, we will be somewhere Wednesday morning that I can post a little Blog and let you know of our progress.

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!
Don’t you just LOVE these College Football playoffs?  Two of our favorite teams won!! Nebraska beat Colorado and Florida State beat Florida!!!! That’s the first time in 6 years that FSU has beat UF!  Hallelujah!!!  FSU was due!!!  The down side is two more of our favorite teams lost.  LSU lost to Arkansas...sorry Rollie and Gina and Oklahoma State lost to Oklahoma...sorry Gene and Ann. :-)
Thanks for stopping by and God Bless you all!!


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Rod Ivers said...

It looks like it could be really cold across Nm and Az in the middle of next week. Check the forecast temperatures. We will be headed that way as well but stay in Mesa.

Margie and Roger said...

Looks like Megabyte2 enjoys the warmth of the computer and being near you.

Have safe travels to your new home.

Unknown said...

Ms Megabyte2 looks real cozy on your lap. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Karen and Al said...

The picture of Ms. Megabyte on your lap looks almost identical to what's happening in our house. Our kitty Socks is sprawled out on my husbands lap!

Jerry and Suzy said...

You four will be quite content doing what you will do in Congress. Good to catch up with you twice a week!

Al Bossence said...

Our little Motormouse does the same thing back home when I'm in my big recliner in the mornings. She wants to get on my lap here in the Motorhome but there just isn't room for her in this much smaller chair. Don't ya just love it when the little critters crawl up like that, check out what your writing about, yawn & then fall asleep on your lap.

Sue and Doug said...

poor megabyte!..what a life she leads..she just wanted the blog to be all about her!!

Rick said...

Ms. Megabyte2 looks pretty comfy wherever she decides to land!

Thanksgiving Dinner looked like a real feast - glad you had a great time.

Safe travels to North Ranch when you decide to leave and I sure hope the weather warms up some down there in NM and AZ before you leave.

Ali Workentin said...

Love Ms Megabyte2..I miss our little Charlie Brown. We had to get rid of him to go work for the carnival. Love to see people with their pets.

Be safe driving.

Sharon Del Rosario said...

Ms Megabyte2 can be comfortable just about anywhere, but she obviously has her preferences! We'll be following you on part of I-10, probably hitting El Paso on Wed, then on to Benson. Travel safely.

Budd Nash said...

I think MsMegabyte2 needs a theme song. Here is my nomination: