Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4-Wheelin’, Marksmanship and Rock Hunting……

Monday it was back to the National Grasslands with the ATVs so we could get further back into this vast, beautiful area. We loaded one Polaris on the back of JRoger's truck.
We loaded the other one into my trailer and at sun up we were on our way.
We arrived at the staging area. There is a small campground, no hookups. The French Creek runs right through it.
2011-07-11 004
2011-07-11 013
Soon we had everything all unloaded and it was time to explore! We had two areas to check out. The Grasslands and the large Agate Beds that make this area so well known to Rock Collectors. This is the Home of the famous “Fairburn Agate”.
2011-07-11 026
Here we go way back into the National Grasslands. Ah, this is the way to travel this area. The terrain is no challenge for these Polaris’s.
2011-07-11 064
Above is one of the many creeks we crossed and one of the smaller ones.
2011-07-11 139
This is one of the larger ones. These machines never even sputtered and plowed right on through..
2011-07-11 034
Here we are all set up on a nice lookout. JRoger is spotting and I’m scoping! What a beautiful day!
2011-07-11 039
JRoger and I are both scouring the area. JRoger has excellent equipment!
2011-07-11 041
Here is Ms. Pat as the gunner. She loves to shoot and believe me she is an excellent shot!
Meanwhile, while we were shooting, guess what Susan was doing? Although, she is also an excellent shot and loves to shoot, she has another great interest.
2011-07-11 047
It appears we have another “Rock Hound” here. While we were shooting, Susan was collecting Rocks! When I saw this collection all piled up for us to load, I immediately thought of my daughter.....Gina!! 
2011-07-11 134
We proceeded on over several more miles to the Agate beds. Susan was in Heaven!
2011-07-11 121
Wow, look at those Agate beds in the background. I had heard of this place but never explored it until today….. Outstanding!
2011-07-11 130
Just look at these Rock Beds,,,,,,,,,,I have to bring Gina here!! 

When we we all worn to a frazzle, we loaded everything back up again and headed for home. I was sure glad JRoger was driving, cause I dozed off a couple times……..Smile  When we got home and unloaded everything, it was, of course, HAPPY HOUR!! 
2011-07-11 prairie dog tenderloin 012
JRoger is also an excellent cook and loves BBQ'ing and I love to let him!  He says to tell everyone he's cooking "Prairie Dog" steaks.  :-)
2011-07-11 prairie dog tenderloin 013
Awe..... now this makes a great way to end a beautiful day!!

It is a GREAT WEEK as we continue to thank our Heavenly Father for all he provides for us!!

This morning JRoger and Susan will be hooking up and heading back home to Tallahassee, Fl. We have sure enjoyed having them with us and wish they could stay longer. What wonderful friends!  We will miss them so much!! Have a safe trip guys and please HURRY BACK!!

Thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry this Blog is so long, but I just had so many exciting things to show you.


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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Looks like a full day of fun, I like shooting also, those steaks sure look good, to big to be prairie dog. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

JB said...

If Gina gets into that Agate bed Rollie will need to trade the 5er off on an end dump to get it all home.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

Pop's I glad you didn't know about those last year. Gina would have filled the truck up even more. LOL As it was she still had the truck full as you know. Glad you and mom had a good day out with friends. I sure wish we were up there with y'all on those four wheelers. Looked like a lot of fun. Also glad to see that grill can still cook good.

Love and Miss Y'all,
Your kids

Pam Ridgely said...

Looks like you all had so much fun, wish we could of been there also. Would love to ride the 4 wheelers off road to that place.

Safe travels to Roger and Susan. Hope to see ya in the future.


Sue and Doug said...

fabulous day for four-wheeling and rock hunting!!!

squawmama said...

Your blog wasn't to long... it was a fun read and those steaks made my mouth water! The scenery was the best!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Not a long blog at all. Beautiful pictures! Never heard of Prairie Dog steaks. They did look good though.

Al Bossence said...

Didn't think your blog was too long Mike. As much as I would enjoy the ATV riding through the hills & rock hounding I'm afraid I would have to part company with you folks on the varmint shooting. Just not my kind of thing.