Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hey, You Know What?

SURPRISE!!  The Floor Installers say they will be here tomorrow!! Hurray....maybe by tomorrow night we will have a FLOOR in our Cabin.. I hate to get too excited because I’ve been disappointed before but I’m sure looking forward to getting it installed. Then Tuesday the Truck is supposed to be here to deliver our Kitchen Cabinets. That will be a miracle too. It just seems we have been waiting forever for all this to happen.

After our walk in the Park this morning, Ms. Pat and I will remove the few things we have in the Cabin and be ready for the Floor installers, just in case they really do show up..  We don’t have much in there, so that won’t take long. I’ll keep you posted on how this progresses. I sure would like to show you a picture of the completed floor next Sunday, and “maybe” even the cabinets.

Ron and Barb Berquest have been here visiting us the last week.  They been busy taking tours of the area and getting a few things done that traveling RV’ers have to do.
Yesterday, old friends Bill and Kathie Bevington arrived to visit our beautiful Black Hills for a few days and we all got together for our “infamous” Happy Hour last night.  It was great seeing them again.  Now we have two residents from Retama Village in Texas visiting us.  Ms. Pat cooked BUFFALO Burgers for us all and some of her delicious "southern" Baked Beans.  It was, you guessed it,  “Delicious”!!
The Buffalo Meat market has really gone crazy this year. We always buy a lot of it when we arrive in the summer because we love it so much and it is so much better for you than any other meat or poultry. However when we went to the local stores to buy some, we found it was $7.50 a lb..……WOW!!! Last year it was $4.49 a lb.…… Quite an increase!!

We got in touch with our old friend Chad Kramer. Chad is the Head Herdsman out in Custer State Park and oversees the Parks herd of approximately 1500 head of Buffalo. Above is a picture of Chad and his Son Isaac, as they stopped by our place with some frozen Buffalo meat from his private stock. Chad has developed his own private heard of over 40 head of Buffalo and usually has a little extra in his freezer.. Man isn't it great to have friends!!! Thanks Chad, we know your buffalo meat will be much better than that “store bought” stuff they always add a little who knows what to!  It tasted GREAT last night at out little cook out, I believe all the guests will attest to that!!

Now this morning we are headed up to hike in the Sylvan Lake area of the Park with the Bevingtons and the Bergquists.  This will be our Sunday morning" inspirational" hike.  We were re-baptized at Sylvan Lake a few years ago. Here is a link to that wonderful day:  Baptism
This is a picture of the West side of our Toy Barn. You will be hearing more about this area in the future, what are we up to now? Stay tuned!

It was a GREAT WEEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Travel safe everybody and God Bless!!

OH, I almost forgot to mention, Ms. Pat and I have decided we are going to the ESCAPADE !! It's happening on Aug 28TH right over here in Gillette, WY. That’s only 110 miles from us and we need a little travel. Hope to see ya'll there!!  JerrieLea and Art talked me into it.  We will not be Vendor’s....just want to enjoy a Rally without “working” for a change!


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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Glad to hear you'll be at Escapade! Hope you get that new floor on schedule tomorrow. Your weather looks great, and it's nice to share it with friends. I'm curious about that area you plan to develop...?

Jerry and Suzy said...

We won't be at Escapade, but we say good for you! It's time you got to sit back at one of these events and be a spectator and / or participant as YOU choose, not just working. We're all a-twitter wondering what you'll do along site your building!

The Schell's RV Adventures said...

We're in your area right now and the weather is 'perfect'. Other than the usual sites, I'm wondering if you have any other 'don't miss while you're here' suggestions. Love the way you write......feel like we know you and Ms. Pat.

squawmama said...

Sounds like everything is coming along nicely... Glad tyo hear that. What has made the price of Buffalo go up so much??? Have fun

Happytrails said...

We will be looking forward to seeing those pictures of the floor and kitchen cabinets....see I'm optimistic too!!
That buffalo meat sure is expensive but it taste soooo much better than anything else.
Have fun and a blessed week!!

Janna and Mike said...

Will wonders never cease--you guys are going to the Escapade????