Wednesday, July 6, 2011

There is Plenty of Excitement Around Here!

What a wonderful 4TH of July weekend we had up here in the beautiful Black Hills.  Sunday, we rode our motorcycles down to Hot Springs to see our friends Bob and Cindy. The weather was just perfect. Before we left on our trip,  JRoger told me I could ride his 2008 Harley Road King with a side Car.
2011-07-03 007
Here is a picture of us on his Bike after our ride. I enjoyed riding JRoger's Bike and he had his first ride as a "Monkey" in the Sidecar. It’s a nice ride!
2011-07-03 019
Ms. Pat and I are ready to roll.  Here we come Bob and Cindy…..
2011-07-03 052
Here we are out in the Park with our picnic lunch strapped on the luggage carrier in an insulated bag.
2011-07-03 089
We visited Bob and Cindy at the KOA in Hot Springs where we had our picnic lunch in their beautiful new motorhome along with some additional side dishes by Cindy. Then we all decide to take off on a ride. Above is Jrogers Bike and Cindy’s Honda Gold Wing Trike. Bob has a Trike almost identical to Hers.
2011-07-03 091
 As we were getting ready to leave, Bob told me I could ride his Honda Trike if I would like to. Sure...I jumped at the chance, so we switched Trikes. Bob was quite excited, too, as this would be his first ride on a Harley!
2011-07-03 096
Here is Bob on my Harley at about 55 mph. Susan riding in the Sidecar was the Photographer. Good Job Susan!!
2011-07-03 109
Here we are cruising at about 55 mph on Bob’s Honda.  Ms. Pat gives the “Thumbs up”.   She likes the comfort of the plush passenger's seating with arm rests and all.

2011-07-03 115 As we continued on through Custer State Park, Susan took this picture from her seat in the sidecar with Bob ahead, then Cindy and us in the lead.  We headed on to our place after traveling over 100 fun miles for our traditional “Happy Hour”.  WOW!! What a trip!!  This would be our last visit with Bob & Cindy for a while.  They were leaving to return home on Monday because Bob had to go back to work on Tuesday.  They are looking forward to becoming "full-timers" soon.

The next day was the 4TH of JULY. We decided on another bike ride up to Hill City to the Prairie Berry Winery, home of the famous “Red Ass Rhubarb Wine”. Then on over the mountain past Mt. Rushmore, down Iron Mountain Road, through Custer State Park and back home.  Another 70 mile ride!
2011-07-04b 050
Here we are standing under the sign, just for proof that such a place really exists.  JRoger is the photographer this time.   Hey!! The Wine isn’t bad either!!

We had a very, enjoyable ride and almost got wet as it started lightly raining as we pulled into the Barn...just in time.   Many, more pictures but this Blog is way longer than I like them so it will wait for another day. But, we are having a ball!

It is a GREAT WEEK!!!!

It seems the Flooring people have a problem.  They can’t find the special kind of adhesive needed to glue it down..  Even the factory was completely out……supposed to be here on the 14TH and we hope installation will be shortly thereafter.  Shucks......always something.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you all had a SUPER Holiday.  God Bless AMERICA, MY HOME SWEET HOME !!


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Sharon Del Rosario said...

Wow! What a terrific ride. Almost makes me wish I had a bike again. Glad you're able to enjoy such a day with your friends.

Rod Ivers said...

Looks like fun, wish I was tagging along. Thanks for taking us along with pictures, but I'm not too sure about the wine ....... LOL

Sue and Doug said...

looks like a day filled with a whole lot of fun!!!!..thanks for the ride!

Jerry and Suzy said...

Beautiful place, good friends, good ride -- what could be sweeter for a biker!!!

Al Bossence said...

Say, ya don't suppose you could box up some of that excitment & send it on over to Ontario do you...You guys sure have some nice riding territory out there.

squawmama said...

Looks like you really had a great time with your friends... Loved the photos!!!
Travel safe & most of all HAVE FUN!

Jim and Sandie said...

I am glad to see that you guys wear helmets while riding. Beautiful bikes. And great pictures.

Debbie Goode said...

Gosh! You guys are just having too much fun! Makes me smile just reading about all your adventures. Keep up the good is on a roll!

~M said...

Made my rounds and found you, LOL! Following you again with my new blog. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Cheers! ~Merri

Paul Weaver said...

Looks like all kinds of fun. I think I would enjoy one of those trikes!